The "Best Blessing" Always Show up at Melk's when out of Melk-Money

I’ll spare you all the screenshots. But I’ve been playing DT for almost 300 hours. In all of that time, I’ve seen Power Cycler on a Power Sword at Melk’s shop 4 times, including just today.

Every single time power cycler shows up, it does so when I don’t have enough Melk coins to buy it and I’ve already completed my weeklies OR where completing the weeklies would leave me just short of having enough to buy it

I’ve never seen it show up when I’m sitting on 4,000+ coins.

It’s incredible how many times it has happened. On my psyker, I’ve been trying to get Bloodthirst for a Force Sword. I’ve seen it TWICE. Both times it was the same situation as above, not enough coins. When I do have the coins I can camp out in the shop for weeks and it won’t show. I spend the coins? A day or two later it shows up. Blaze Away on Autopistol? Same thing.

I’m pretty sure this is RNG just being RNG and not at all a coincidence - but this is further evidence for why DT’s item system is just rubbish.

So frustrated.


I believe I’ve seen people comment that similar systems in other games have a ‘save item’ function so the next refresh doesn’t throw out the thing you want. Weird that this one wouldn’t include that. I mean, it could be just them beating even further on the dead fomo horse, but hell, maybe it was just a massive brain fart on their part as usual.


I have noticed this too, I have 877 hours and I agree, everytime Melk had something worth getting it was after I had spent most of my currency and couldn’t afford it, many such cases

Yep, this has happened to me too quite some times.
Fortunately when power cycler showed up (the only time it did in like 500 hours) I wasn’t able to afford it BUT I had a few contracts left to do, enough to gather the currency needed in time.
Since that time I try to always have 4k of currency in all my characters.
And since I do that I almost never get IV blessings on the shop :smiley:

I’m sure it’s all RNG right?

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Do you know what game had such a feature? Krakin’ Vermintide mother-fraggin’ ONE! Vemintide 1! VT1 had this exact feature. These are all the reasons longtime 'Tide players are so raving mad all the time. Fatshark themselves did the “good” thing in prior games. it’s astounding.


Since they’ve said that they are “discussing” adding buyable melk coins and other boosts, than this is most likely a feature to increase coin bundle sales.
Odds are buyable coins would’ve been added a long time ago if we hadn’t gone ap feces because of their paid cosmetic shop at “release”.

However, the optimistic side of me wants to say, just rng brah! Don’t sweat it! The more you believe something to be true, the more likely it is to become true. Affirmation theory. :slight_smile:

Yeah you need a melk buck float or to only target things you really want. If you’re trying to farm T4s roll all your quests to 500+ ignots or more there’s a 700 and 600 iirc. This also turns the weeklies back into a grind but you’ll get way more purchases in at Melk than you would skimming to the completion bonus. In that meantime you end up with enough plasteel and emperor drops to hopefully acquire more too.

I lost out on a T4 thrust once after buying a bloodthirsty Eviscerator, he proceeded to have 3 different chain axes before Sunday while my Zealot was broke. Never again.

This sounds like you are not learning from your mistakes. :smiley:

If you really want something specific, you should keep enough coins to be able to buy it when it shows up.

I am not saying that the current RNG system is good.
I am saying that you should increase your odds as much as the system allows.

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I’ve never gotten anything good out of Melk’s on any of my characters. All of my weapons are crafted from buying greys at Brunt’s Armoury and then upgrading them at Hadron. ALL OF THEM! The curios I get from Brunt and then upgrade too! Melk is worthless… and so are The Emperor’s Gifts!

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