The bad experience this game gives you when playing psyker

i count 43 melee weapons i got from emperor gifts and 49 guns also from emporer gifts that are a complete waste that a psyker would never use. we play this character because we want to CAST with our FORCE WEAPONS. i have about gotten 1 force sword and 1 dueling sword. usuable melee. out of 49 guns, i have gotten 3 staffs. 1 i use here and there. so u do the math. emperor gifts for a psyker need to be tuned to give the psyker player psyker weapons, not guns and dumb melee weapons u would never use on this here. couple that with the hourly shops that only give axes, devils claws, autoguns, etc. everything but force weapons. this is a very bad experiencepyker shop and loot


Wouldn’t be surprised if they only finished 4 staffs at … “launch” and was just like

Dev1:“oh shoot, pysker needs more weapons”
Dev2:“Lets just give em guns, damage is damage, right?”

proceeds to ignore the anguished suffering of psyker