Psyker weapon options 10 hours not a single staff in store

Title says it all. Am I the only person that has a problem with this. Why do I have so many guns and axes and combat swords in my shop. Even my emperors gift makes my veteran friend jealous. I would like to actually get options to play and develop my class. Quit giving the magic guy guns … not enough staffs maybe come out with a few more types.

Because Psykers use a staff not a gun. get them out our store please / thread

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I am lvl 25 with my psyker rn, and I also have this problem. 4 out of 5 rotations MAYBE I have 1 staff in the armoury. of course most of the time not the one that I would need, or with crappy stats…

I’d like an occasional shield for my Ogryn while they’re at it. Dare to dream. =)

hundreds of trillions of humans in the galaxy, giant elevators and trains, and our store only has 6 blue items :wink: