The aquilas and cosmetic packs were meant to be 1:1?

Has anyone seen this article?

Why hasn’t there been a dev response on any of the forums about this if they’ve gone so far as to do an interview?

It was always meant to be 1:1? I don’t think it was.

This does help elucidate things:
“You have to price everything differently in all regions, so whatever you release, and every time you release something, you have to go through pricing it in all the different regions and making sure it works. That’s something this helps with: we just have to price it once, and then we can sort that out in the game.”

But why can’t players earn the premium currency? Fatshark already figured out a player friendly model of this with Vermintide 2’s cash shop. Where players had options available to them to earn non-cash cosmetics through daily logins, daily quests, weekly quests, and the completion of challenges. I smell something is amiss with this reasoning. I feel that greed is more likely the culprit.

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Unless the one missing currency pack was 100 aquilas there is no singular pack that could render all purchases 1:1.

There hasnt been any reasoning behind aquilas vs using straight money in the vermintide 2 shop so it feels like theyre just straight up lying about it being intended to be 1:1.

Yeah sure. A mistake, like in all the other F2P games with the exact same model…

Come on guys…


The amount of bull that man can spew with a straight face is amazing. This has to be the worst attempt at damage control I’ve ever seen. As usual the ineptitude stems from management and the c-level with CM’s being nothing but lightning rods to take all the blame.

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Yeah, I think there’s going to be a lot of their so-called “skeptics” out there on this one…