a little concerned about this dlc already being listed that costs more than half of the base game.

includes 2500 of a “premium” currency called aquilas

is this like in-game currency such as shillings or is paid currency like crowns, atoms, silver, gold, etc. that you see in MMO type games? seems like something customers should be aware of prior to game releasing, no?

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Dont care. I trust fatshark so i am 100% not concerned about it in any way.

i’ve noticed that too right away, premium currency is a major red flag ngl.


Basically it work like the shilling in VT2


why does it say premium though? still a little concerned it might change after launch :confused:

If I am interpreting that correctly, it will not work like Shillings because you will be able to purchase Aquilas directly, whereas Shillings were a one-time bonus included with DLC purchases

There was a poll here a few years ago prior to the release of Shillings that while the sample size wasn’t very large, I think shed some light on how the community felt about purchasable currency: here

Bearing in mind according to info at the end of this video specifically at 01:07:30, all maps and content updates will be free to all players which may be why they are going this route

I guess some further clarification would be handy because I’m seeing a lot of posts elsewhere with people thinking it’s just going to work like Shillings

edit: slight clarification to this after Hedge updated about it – Aquilas are premium currency that you can only buy, and Tertium Twins is in-game currency that you cannot buy and are more like Shillings


funny how the majority said no but they are basically bringing paid fake money into darktide. wonder if its cuz 40k has a much wider fanbase than the end times and they are trying to capitalize on that :thinking:

thats what fs said about premium cosmetics for vermintide BUT we only got castle drac and chaos wastes for free. now take that into consideration when you look at all of the paid skin packs. they cost more than the actual game lol

They misspelled the plural form of “Aquila” which is “Aquilae.” If they are using a currency then why not use the actual 40k currency of “Throne Gelt.” I trust fatshark because they have made fun, great games before but come on.


ngl when i first read Aquila my mind immediately went to assassin’s creed III cuz thats the name of the boat your character gets :laughing:

then again, paid currency kinda sinks your wallet… (yes, pun intended) lol

That kinda worry me to.
Lets be honest with premium curency Fatshark should change their business model with it; to be more precise dont lock content behind paywall, but instead make it for free and sell only cosmetics for real money/premium currency, like Sea of Thieves for example.

It’s not though. They stated that (something along the lines of) they were trying out paid cosmetics as an alternative to paid DLCs containing maps/difficulties/gamemodes.

Prior to the statement, Shadows over Bögenhafen, Back to Ubersreik and Winds of Magic (incl. game mdoe: weaves, and difficulty: cataclysm) were paid DLCs.

Post statement, The Curse of Drachenfels and Chaos Wastes (new game mode) were free DLCs. Cosmetics and new careers required payment.

I haven’t heard or read the dev statement made in the video, but the statement sound like how they treated Vermintide 2 after they changed course (between Winds of Magic and Drachenfels). Also, it really wouldn’t surprise me, judging my how well received the “new business model” was.

Cosmetics doesn’t affect gameplay or divide the playerbase. All 5 extra careers (once released) would amount to 20-25£ if I’m not mistaken (without extra challenges and cosmetics).

edit: I feel like I just supported a minor case of threadromancy

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