When will we be getting the 100 Aquilas purchase option?

I only need 1 hundred Aquilas to get a cosmetic item i desire, not 200 or 500.
Can we get an option to buy 100 Aquilas? 0,50€~1€ would sound like a decent price.


The funny money layer strikes again.


I heard somebody say, do correct me if im wrong that the developers promised some time ago to add an option to buy 100 Aquilas or the amount needed to buy the item you want?

Why can’t the devs add that option? What do they not understand when i don’t want any extra Aquilas, i just want the amount that i need to buy this thing.

This is so frustrating. :expressionless:


I don’t know if it was actually ever said/promised by FS, and I’d love to know either way for sure.

Regardless, I think the lack of a 100 aquilas option is the worst failing of the MTX system in this game. It’s just not OK.


In particular it was about the cosmetics pack I believe being 100 more Aquilas than one of the purchase options so you would need to purchase 2 currency packs just to buy 1 cosmetic pack.

Either way I deeply despise funny money layers in most games.


Never going to happen because Fatshark wouldn’t be able to exploit the tendency of not wanting to have spare Aquillas leftover between every purchase, thus leading players to buy more Aquillas than necessary to run out/even out.


The developers responsible for the monetization system in Darktide are just horrible.

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I think this particular 100 aquilas situation is inexcusable, but (until proven otherwise), I’ll happily take my one-time purchase game with purely-cosmetic monetization aaaaaaany day.

Ok, I found it. Very disappointing, but this was said and remains up in an official update:

We will also add a 100 Aquilas pack within the next few weeks, allowing players to buy smaller fractions of Aquilas.

Link: Community Update #5: Week 2


of course they can it only has to be hidden behind enough corners and unconvenient menues… easy


last time i checked, having to buy an amount that results in having spare monopoly money isnt “1:1”


I simply don’t know how true the assertion that different currencies make slapping USD dollar amounts on MTX problematic from a functionality/tax/whatever perspective. But looking at the packs available right now, there are dedicated 2100, 2400, and 2900 packs, which correspond to the “bundle” prices we’ve seen (except for the 1200/1400 dual-head piece ones). It seems that PCGamer quote is in reference to the 2400 aquila pack, which didn’t originally exist. Seems the 2900 was added for the Krieg sets.

Still, you can’t buy 400/700 (for weapon skins/heads) or 900 (for other weapons/head pieces) or 1100 or 1200/1400 or even an amount that adds up to any of those, and I think that’s impossible to justify.

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I’ll go ahead and say it, and I’ll say it directly to @FatsharkStrawHat too: I won’t be buying any more aquilas until the 100 pack is introduced, as promised almost a year ago. And I’ll be here in this thread encouraging (polite) discussion about this for as long as it takes.

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Bro cmon were only 48 weeks in have some patience were gonna get 100 aquila options its coming i can feel it in my butt


I remember seeing a screenshot that implied that gamepass or xbox players already have the 100 aquila bundle but not steam players. Can anyone confirm?

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Hrm…I dunno about in-game, but in the Xbox.com store there appears to be no 100 option (unless it’s somehow hidden).

Are there any Xbox players out there who could take a look at the in-game store and confirm or deny that there is a 100 aquila bundle available there?

Because eventually, the odds are you’ll give up waiting, just buy the next larger pack, have some left over, and restart the cycle.


There’s a lot of frustration around the premium cosmetics in Darktide, which I totally understand.

It was released while the game was in a very poor state – it was crashing so much that significant numbers of people couldn’t even play, and more than half of a major system (crafting) wasn’t fully implemented – which was a terrible decision that was quickly addressed by the temporary stoppage on new cosmetic releases.

The cosmetics are expensive, although not quite as expensive as some other games. Diablo Foreskins come to mind. But still, it’s a bummer for folks, like myself, who might be more inclined to purchase more cosmetics if the prices were lower. It doesn’t seem to have stopped a lot of people from purchasing cosmetics though, which (fingers crossed!) should help keep the game a one-time purchase.

The shop also rotates so slowly, which frustrates a lot of people who want to throw more money at it. It’s clear that a lot of 40k fans take the look of their characters very seriously, as seriously as they may take their tabletop minis, and they would pay immediately for more cosmetics. But maybe Fatshark is sticking to this anemic, infrequent release schedule so that they can show steady sales over time.

A lot of the cosmetics are considered by some to be superficial “reskins” or “palette swaps,” and I can see the argument that those items aren’t worth as much as totally unique models. I also agree that it’d be amazing (and profitable!) to shift to a dye system, maybe where we earn models and buy dyes/materials. But again, many people are buying these “palette swaps,” maybe because they like the colors more than the “original” that has long since left the shop.

As you can see, I think all of these frustrations can be rationalized in one way or another. All except one…the fact that there is still not a 100 aquilas pack in the store, as we were told there would be soon on 12/08/22.

This one, I can’t justify in any way. It’s not OK that someone should have to spend more money than they need to in order to purchase a digital pair of pants. That money may make a return customer out of that person, but it is a coercion. It is ethically wrong.