THAT was the story?

The current trailer on youtube tells us that there will be seasons that continue the story.
It also shows more interaction with people on the ship (e.g. the techpriest allows to upgrade weapons, it sounds like a crafting system there).

In one part of the cutscenes they said something like “investigate on the ship”. Maybe you can talk to more people there, maybe even have dialogue. I suddenly get some Wing Commander III feelings :slight_smile:

I’d say we throw the beta characters away and restart on release date. It would be nice from FS to tell us what the beta does not include.

It would also be very unusual to share a complete storyline in a beta phase/pre-launch.
DT is there for the long run so I’m assuming we can expect more shenanigans, possibly linked to specific missions environments.
The sequences we get up to lvl 30 serve as an introduction imho.

Also: no need to be disrespectful. That’s not how you get constructive feedback.

Feels like he’s been phoning it for a while now. Despite that I expected a bit more tbh.

Your bets on Enuncia being mentioned in the future?

I don’t know, I am a software developer myself and beta means: everything that has been done until today, including a lot of bugs that should not be there and if something is not included, then it is either not implemented yet or utterly broken.
Because changing a program requires a retest every time, cutting something does not make sense for two reasons: 1. the feature is not tested with the rest, 2. after re-adding it, the whole program requires a retest.
Actually, so close to the release date, this is not a beta but a release candidate. That means: it is done, no features missing, just waiting for testing results.
But no matter how it is called:
IF they decide to cut out stuff to do partial tests, they could write: Hey guys, the beta is online. A couple of features are still disabled or not implemented yet, including THE STORY.

And fyi: a customer who got lured in by featuring Dan Abnett or whoever it was has the right to be pissed because marketing something that isn’t there could be called deception of the customer. The customer pays, the contractor delivers :wink:
You don’t want to know how pissed commercial customers are for less. They yell until your ears bleed and though they wear a suit, they drop all humanity that was once there because the (arbitrary, but committed) deliver date was not formally met. Then they escalate to their bosses, they set up a high priority crisis meeting (aka: drop everything now, even if the real solution is 1 hour away) where you have to analyze the current state, propose a solution, create a full new plan with milestones and dates, while getting additional sh*t thrown at you. It is a nice business with a rich, civilized culture. So may I laugh at a weak story now, please? I am on the other side of the table now.

Oh, actually I don’t need your approval.

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I’m not sure if you’ve been offended by this but it wasn’t referring to your post but the mocking tone of the thread title and OPs first words.

EDIT: ah yes that was you. Well, congratulations on being glorious then. Way to start a thread.

I wouldn’t take that bet. Enuncia is a thing in the Dan-O-Verse that has never come up out outside the Eisenhorn and Ravenor trilogies. And where would it even fit into Darktide?

It wasn’t until I played my second class that I realized that the traitor is actually in a lot of the other cinematics. I just didn’t notice because it just seemed like a generic character I wasn’t paying any attention to. There needed to be more of a relationship with that character for me to actually notice them and be surprised by what happens.


fascinating, didnt notice at all

nope, ending dlc incoming.

I’m shocked people are playing a horde shooter for lore hahahahaha. Jesus christ.

I wonder if they would demand such thing in a warhammer 40k themed tetris game. :rofl:

Pay attention after your first mission, will make a little more sense at the final one and why they are being such turds to you.

I thought it was a random person introduced for that last scene tbh.

Yea, because I wasn’t paying attention to the other characters in the scenes until the very last scene. It’s a cool story idea, but it never hooks you into the mystery of who the traitor is or gives you a sense that your character might end up getting blamed.

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sorry whoever it was writing the story line, I had better storyline and plot in a D&D game from a novice GM.

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The Story is boring af.

Where is my Vermintide Storyline or something similar?

There is no Storymode or something else.

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Here’s my story feedback:

I think the writers clearly plan on adding in more of the story about the battle for Atoma later - and that is a mistake. A “wait and see” approach only works if your players think it is worth waiting, which requires you earn their trust that you can deliver a compelling story right away.

One of the things I liked about Vermintide and Vermintide 2 was that, while there were very few cutscenes, it did tell a story through its gameplay. By working your way through the missions, you fought your way through the process of weakening the vermin (and Chaos) hordes, finally culminating in the blow that would break the back of the invasion of Ubershriek / Helmgart.

Well, clearly they don’t intend to do that in Darktide. The missions are constantly rotating, so they don’t tell a linear story through gameplay. All the story-telling work is instead done through cutscenes.

In theory, that’s fine! But, what is the story?

The real story here is the battle for Atoma. We ultimately want our characters to be principle actors in breaking the back of the Chaos threat, just like the Ubershriek 5 did for the Vermintide games.

However, it feels like someone decided it was “too soon” for that. So, there are all these threads that are left dangling. Where’s the climactic confrontation with the guy from the cell across from you - the one so important that the traitors staged a raid across the prison ship seemingly just to free him? Who was he? Why does he matter? What is the pay-off for all your efforts - does the tide ultimately start to turn in favor of the Imperials (even if mop-up operations can realistically be expected to take years)? Who IS Grendel? Are they male, female, other - and why do even their trusted operatives not seem to know? Why are they being so secretive about their identity, to a degree even beyond the point of other Inquisitors?

These are all questions that REQUIRE answers. So, they make excellent DLC fodder. But the “main game” still requires a story, hence the story about earning a trusted place in the Inquisition.

I think this is a dangerous mistake, particularly if story updates come as PAID DLC. It makes the game feel unfinished - and making people pay full price for a game, then delivering something that doesn’t feel “done” is going to make people angry.

If the story updates come as free DLC: fine. I’m not happy about it, but pacing story updates can work as long as long as the writers don’t string things out for too long without real answers or real forward progress.

If the story updates end up being paid DLC, people are going to be (rightly) furious. Not only is it going to absolutely destroy good-will among the community (because it won’t feel like adding updates to the story; it’ll feel like pay-walling the ending), the story thus far hasn’t been compelling enough to make people trust that paid updates will be worth their money - and won’t just be a naked cash-grab that strings them along before going, “Whoops! Sorry; turns out your ending was in another castle. Better luck next DLC!”

TL:DR - I think Fatshark is trying to preserve some key story-telling beats for future content. However, this is a very dangerous tactic, because the first installment was anemic enough to make people suspicious of the team’s writing skill. To remedy this, what comes next NEEDS to be good and NEEDS to not be locked behind a paywall.


I wrote it in a different story thread, but my guess is story was gutted along with itemization, end game, more missions and balance to release earlier. maybe the engine made more problems than they thought, maybe the weapon feeling needed a lot of time, dunno. but it feels like a placeholder for what we were supposed to get for me.

One major issue I’m having with the story is that its delivery is totally at odds with the game’s nature.

I play the game almost exclusively with friends. Most times, if we don’t have at least three people, we don’t play. That means I usually have at least two other people in voice chat with me. When a cutscene finally does trigger - that I can’t watch on my own time, since you’re forced into it the moment it’s available - it’s usually drowned out by ongoing conversations. The same happens with most banter mid-mission. I honestly can’t even hear our mission advisors most of the time.

What makes it worse is that everyone is usually a different level. It’s one thing when you’re all together in a cutscene; the people I play with are usually polite enough to stop talking until the dialogue finishes. Instead, everyone’s going into cutscenes alone, at unpredictable times, and nobody’s got a choice in it. Other people might only realize you’re in one halfway into it when they finally notice the “Cutscene” status on them, but I’ve found that my friends usually keep talking regardless.

Meanwhile, the missions tell us almost nothing of narrative value except “Nurgle cult up to no good!”, and they have no clear relation to eachother. Does the enforcer station hit happen before we take down the propaganda broadcast? After? During it, even, with a different squad entirely? Hell if I know.

Being totally honest, if I hadn’t read ahead on the content of those cutscenes, I wouldn’t have had a clue as to what was going on in them.

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