Thanks for all the hard work fatshark staff. <3

We dont take you for granted, it just seems like it sometimes in our ravenous hunger for your games. We love you thanks for everything you do. <3


Your welcome to take your anger elsewhere.

Congratulations, ya purged yourself.

The game seems rushed to meet deadlines.
The classes seem like a last minute contingency plan. Only 4 and not nearly as unique as they really should be. Theme is off. Sharpshooter is best specialized into grenades???
There are clearly performance issues and bugs.
But game development has time and resource constraints, showing appreciation for the product does not necessarily alleviate these constraints.

I think the weight of evidence suggests that the developers do really care about this project. The could have had ‘Lasgun’ as a weapon and no one would have blinked twice. Instead they chose to represent several variations of Lasgun tied to different Guard regiments.
The Bolter is one of the most faithful implementations of the weapon we’ve seen.
They could have had four human classes but they chose to add an Ogryn with all the extra work that entails.

Yes they are adding microtransactions but the level of cosmetic customization already in the game already exceeds what we had in Vermintide.

They have added shooting hordes to the L4D formula and I think they have tackled a very difficult design problem extremely well. I love it on Veteran and I have played Ogryn to level 15 and love it on Ogryn. It plays differently to Vermintide and changes the way you need to think about the game but it’s always been fair and every time I’ve lost a game it has been because we failed to play well as a team.

There are a lot of good things to say about this game. That does not excuse the problems but it’s always worth showing appreciation for the things that are good.