Terrible priorities

I miss holding spacebar to speed up the end-of-game-screen, the ‘‘received X’’ screen with the flags should be space-bar skippable ^^; It’s a nice ceremony that just takes too long when you’ve seen it for the 'nth time


As an end game player (700 hours), my gripe is mostly about hats.

I don’t get why they should be so rare. I saved 100 comm. boxes for 1.1 patch, and opened every box since (around 150 more), and got whooping 2 hats (was 0 before).

For estimation purpose, count 1 box as 1 hour played (minus ~50 boxes from Okri), so i’ve been rewarded for 200 hours of high level legend play with 2 hats, when the game has ~50 available, some of them being lazy copy-paste designs, or just ugly.

If thats how RNG will continue to favor me, i’ll need ~5000 more hours of always winning - to get all hats.

And then i’ve played last ~10 days as ironbreaker only, to complete 100 runs (on legend, and yes, screw champ speedruns for that).

That wasn’t the best way to enjoy the game for me, obviously, and when i received the hat i was like: “oh, i got it, fine”, and not “woo-hoo! A hat! Nice”.

Never doing this grind again. Which essentially means - no new hats from Okri for a long, long time, i’m talking hundreds of hours played, spread throughout many different careers and heroes…(and i regularly play with ~half of all careers).

To me, the reasonable droprate of hats (or just resulting aquiring rate) should be x3-x5 higher than now. And that seems like a very simple change, and thus it frustrates me that devs dont want to do it.


Idk about community servers, but as a BF fan I played all 3 games and official servers run great and only BF4 had problems at start witch were fixed IN A MONTH. In a month, dude, not 3 months and counting!


Are we talking about the same game? Because it took them 3 months as far as I remember.

Were people complaining about it that long though? With the drop rates being trash like they are, I thought it got fixed fast once people noticed it was possible.

Also this.

So yes, people started complaining pretty early, because A LOT of fans were playing days and nights on beta and after release and were able to experience the unfairness of droprates very early.

41 freaking likes on 1st link, and it’s March 21.

I think your confusing BF3 and BF4… Battlefield 3 was mostly fixed in 1-2 months. BF4 was 12 months, at least before the most game breaking bugs/glitches were fixed. Such as enemies showing up in bright red armour, what you would normally see in the kill cam. As well as rounds have absolutely no sound, and game randomly dropping you halfway through. Again, as someone who had 2000+ hours on both BF3 and BF4, you can’t be more wrong.

Also, we had to pay for those servers. The most populated servers in the game, were clan hosted servers. There were not enough official servers to go around, you’re talking about 15-40 minutes waiting in queue depending on how active the server was. And then people with premium passes would jump the queue and end up in-front of you. Also, again, we had to pay for those servers and host them ourselves. Meaning we had to pay to host a server and then pay around a Euro per player to EA. My community is one of the larger ones, and we were able to raise around 1,000$ USD a month for game servers, but most communities couldn’t.

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Only had crashes on start of BF4. Never had any other problems you described. As for BF3, I am remembering now, that I started playing a couple of months after the launch, so you might be right. BF1 though had an almost perfect start. I recall some bugs, but they were 20 times less intense than VT2.

As I said - shitty monetizing.

lol, let me put it this way. The bugs were so bad, battlefield friends even did an episode on it.

This was posted nearly 8 months after BF4’s release and the game was still broken. The reason I remember this because we were all pissed off on our community forums. But half of them still bought BF1 XD


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We all had it already coming with pre ordering a super hyped game from the brillant coders who fixed V1 in just a year after release, somehow.

But everyone who buys the DLC (or the season pass) should be denied to complain here or anywhere by the swedish special forces (do they have stuff like that? ).

Well, its not like red duplicates are bad in every single way. Think about it, you have literally no use for a second hat, but, atleast in my case, you can have use for 2,3,4, hell even 5 different red charms to test out builds and mold them to different career needs. And im sure that im not the only one having 5 red charms in constant usage. So they somehow have to balance the needs of people like me and people that only want one charm ever, maybe because they only play one career or dont really care about breakpoints. Yes, I would probably be more happy if instead of 5 charms and 1 weapon i had 2 charms and 4 weapons, but that doesnt make them useless.

And its not like dupe weapons are completely useless either. I have two longbows on my elf, one fitted for WS with hunter, one for HM with ammo on headshot. I do agree tho that in many other cases weapon dupes are very hard to justify.

But they cant really fix it by manipulating the drop tables. They would have to do it with the crafting system. And seeing how long dust conversion took for reasons still unknown and the backend errors that were running rampant when they released a patch to the crafting system, this might take a while.


Yep, but when I have 4 elven xbows, 5 hagbanes and 10+ necklaces and 10+ trinkets I can’t imagine any possible situation when this number of dupes can potentially be usefull.


Dude, i know. Im not saying its not a problem, im merely giving reasons why its not just a simple fix.

IMO, the main reason this is not fixed in 3 month after launch is the number of people experiencing this issue. And I’m realy happy FS added red drops in comm chests, I don’t care about having reds while “those vet/recruit players” don’t have them, it doesn’t matter. In fact, the more people will face this ugly dupe situation the more likely devs will impliment some sort of fix.

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Well, that and its “not the end of the world”, “not our top priority issue right now” etc. While simultaneously not revealing what their top priority issue is currently. It really feels like they just tell us off at this point.


I’d love to have dupes but only after I have 1 of each red, I’d consider it bad luck or “rng” if I had maybe 2 or 3 of something while I have 0 or 1 of the other but that’s not the case. I have 10 necklaces , about 10 trinks, just the other week I had 0 charms cus I was either getting necklaces or trinks but today I have 8 charms… I think having 30 non weapon items is kinda useful because you don’t have to reroll, if the reroll system was better I would be happy if I only have 1 of each , I’d be even happier if I had at least 1 of each weapon before getting 10 of each non weapon items . When opening a vault I’m kinda happier to get oranges and lower most of the time because when it’s a red I don’t want, I just feel disappointed and that the unwanted red I got could have been something I actually wanted. There is hardly ever that feeling of WOO HOO A RED I WANTED!!! When I actualy get the red I want I think “it’s about godamn time.”

The thing is that there is an equal chance of getting these non weapon items on every single hero. Which explains the absurd amount of them in red. Maybe they should allow you to play as Franz or smtn just to get non weapon items and restrict any other vault you open to give you reds on the character you’re playing.


They just posted the newsletter saying Xbox is releasing on July 11th. That’s… Ambitious. I have no idea about the current state of the game on Xbox, but it can’t be better than on PC.

And ofc no news about PC future, though it’s understandable they’d want the Xbox announcement to be a separate thing.

Now if only they’d do a newsletter/update for PC too…


If they focus on dedicated server they will easily fix almost 50% of bugs.

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I’d say the opposite, as everyone would be a client, and most of the bugs hit the clients, not the host :wink:


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