Teach me how to use the Hagbane bow

Can you lumberfoots teach me how to, or when to use the Hagbane bow? I can’t seem to figure out what it’s good for? Everyone keeps telling me how great it is, but it just seems to be plain crap to me, no matter how I use it. The swift bow just seems so much better at burning down bosses and slaying hordes. Charged shots with the swift bow will penetrate and kill multiple enemies instantly, and since the hordes tend to run at you in a straight line most of the time. You can slay them all in a few shots.

Is there a specific trait I need on the hagbane bow? Or properties?

It’s good to thickening a horde before they reach you or just killing boss.
The poison stacks and last long.
Save 1/2 or 2/3 of your arrow for bosses, make them fly, then run till boss die.
Hagbane bow is for lazy people. Works well if you’re patient enough.
But I’d rather make headshots with longbow to 1shot many specials and elites.

Basically I would say hagbane is for kiting ennemies. Charged shot have higher aoe and deals more psn dmg also.

I have the red one, but I’m disapointed cause the skin is buged, it has no visual effect on it when equiped :frowning:

So you basically fire a bunch of shots on the boss of your choice and then run in and attack with melee for more damage output?

I’m not a master here, but I’ll try: Line up your shots carefully. Toss in a shot in the middle of a horde and watch, then another if you have time. When they get close, switch to melee. Use charged shots unless you absolutely need to get a fast shot out or to avoid AoE. Against bosses, watch the AoE, shoot your arrows away and switch to melee.

In general, with low arrow count and AoE, you need to place your shots more carefully than with the other ones. Longbow is for quick headshots, swift bow for spamming. Hagbane is there more to support your melee than replace it.

Like the Swift bow, Hagbane is best used on Waystalker where you can afford to toss out a lot of shots despite the low ammo count and don’t have to rely on pickups to keep your ammo up.

Trait-wise, I can’t see a specific one that would be the one to pick, but either of the ammo recovery ones would let you keep shooting more.

Exactly. But actually, you’ll have more safety by just shooting all the arrow you can on the boss and drink a strength potion. You’ll actually see its hp melt very quickly.
You can run for melee, but… it’s more fun to see them dying from poison while you just run and avoid all damage.
Use charged shot on armored ennemies. It won’t insta kill specials, but it will kill them, like packmaster, if they grab you while under poison, they’ll die before they hang you. Same goes for chaos sorcerers. If they teleport away, they may die before coming back.

It’s a good weapon if you take the ammo regen and the ammo regen volley too. The only weakness comes from it’s a dot (that’s not a real one but you might prefer instakill instead with longbow) and the damn low ammo pool.

Popping 3-4 light shots into a Stormer or Leech is an easy kill. (they’ll teleport and die)

Charged shots knock gutter runners off of downed friends.

Use it to spam headshots on rat patrols once pulled. Stagger + AoE damage is huge.

As others have mentioned it’s biggest strengths are hordes and bosses. Your trait and stats will determine which you want to focus on. I’m running it as my boss kill weapon on Shade.

It’s weak against armour, but can still be used to headshot elite/special rats down.

Step 1: Salvage the Hagbane
Step 2: Equip Longbow
Step 3: Profit


You read my mind.

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Why not just use glaive and a conc pot and 2 shot the boss?


You can do that too. Or run xbow. I just enjoy playing Hag for it.

Alright, so I gotta ask. Does the DoT apply more damage for charged (hold right click) or is it the same as spamming left click for single target? Only reason I’d use this bow is for bosses. So I’m just wondering.

Also, can you point out pro’s/con’s for longbow VS swift bow? I’ve tried both, and again, swift bow is my favorite. I don’t tend to use my bow to take out Chaos warriors, my glaive charged attack normally does the trick.

Hagbane is peerless when hordes are hella dense.

Shortbow charged shots hits at most 3 enemies, hagbane hits everything inside the cloud area and it also staggers everything inside except chaos warriors and bosses.

It also has the added virtue of working on armor, you can kill entire groups of non shielded stormvermin charging you quite easily.

Well that and any kind of group not consisting of chaos warriors and shieldvermin really.

A emergency tactic in case you find yourself facing hyperdense enemy horde infront of you is to make a small distance, pull out the hagbane and just fire out charged shots infront, it will stagger all enemies around and kill most of them before they can touch you.

Its also peerless against bosses when you have a strength potion, just drink one and fire light attacks,it will empty out at least 50% of their health if your accuracy is good and it isnt a troll-mid regeneration.

But admittedly it has a big downside…weapon traits are buggy and usually do not work, that and you have to be conservative with ammo so situations like boss+horde is a problem.

But the ability to bail outa clustered hordes in melee and kill/stagger armored targets makes me prefer this over shortbow…and the anti horde+anti boss along with the superior speed makes me prefer it over longbow.

But i do miss the ability to snipe specific targets from a longer distance at times, and it admittedly feels wasted to shoot single stormvermin and the lile.

So i tend to just shoot 1-2 shots and then melee for the rest of the time when not absolutely needing it.

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