Talent Boons not working if obtained at shrine

When doing expedition in the chaos wastes, I found that talents that you obtain in the shrine boons do not work.

Example are taking the 2 bardin engineer with the permanent crank talent and the one that prevents them from falling off on max or shooting. I’ve go through all missions and not benefitted once from the talent I got from the shrine.

Additionally I had this issue with the piston power(super stagger talent) from shrines as well

My friend confirmed this is happening on sienna too


happened to me too. bought autocrank and rapid crank in the same shrine :frowning:

A friend tells me he bought some for his handmaiden and they worked correctly, so it might be a problem with some careers/talents and not all of them.

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Can confirm this.

But strangely enough its more like “they work sometimes and may or may not stop and start working again or just stop”.

Engineer, shade and sienna all seem hit pretty hard at any rate from what i found.

I don’t know if it’s shrine or general synergy. Once on Sienna I had first Famished and then Lingering - the former worked fully, reducing the damage of my volcanic bolt, but the latter worked by preventing stacking and not giving the duration effect. Can it get worse than that?

It´s both, sometimes they overlap and do bad stuff and at others they just flat out do not work.

The shade talent “Exquisite huntress” for instance does not seem to work as a boon no matter what, i´ve tried 5 times and failed 5.

Similarly the “damage reduction on crit” works sometimes and at others it doesnt.

Can confirm it can both work and not work.
For example on WHC if you have the CDR Career Skill Talent and take a Guaranteed Crit Talent boon from shrine - they work just fine together.
But on BW Sienna if you have Double Firewalk and take CDR Talent - it doesn’t work. Your career skill cooldown stays the same.
I’m not sure for all the specific cases, but it just works for some and doesn’t for others.

Picked up the “Heart of Oak” talent for Handmaiden (+15% HP), was still at 125 HP, bugged.

Also, the +20% HP for team miracle after killing that super monster didn’t increase the HP of my bots, not sure if that’s a bot issue or a miracle issue, or a numeric UI mod issue.

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Almost 90 % of the talents I’ve bought in shrines have not worked. Does not matter which class I’m using it, it simply does not work as expected. I also know they “should” work because when I get the same combinations from boss chests or as random boons they generally do work as expected. Great example could be 2 thp talents. Its extremely easy to notice this one working or not.

There have also been cases where I got a random talent and it simply made other one un-usable for some reason, even though the talent was in totally different column. My most recent example(engineer) is getting combined arms as a random boon and it disabling piston power for a single map run. After the map was complete it re-enabled piston power and combined arms for the next map, but it was weird interaction either way.

At this point I stopped buying career talents from shrines. In this bugged state they are not worth the investment and I’m honestly surprised something like this was not noticed in potential beta/alpha state or was this only a recent problem that came from hotfixing?

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Patched in Hotfix

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