CW Talents not working when obtained from map shrines

I think this was reported before, though I don’t see it.

Character talents obtained from shrines on Holseher’s Map don’t seem to work at all but do work when obtained from random divine boon shrines in a map.
I don’t think I ever had a talent work when I bought it from a shrine on Holseher’s map.


Its not just Holseher’s tower, some boons just flat out bug a ton.

The biggest offenders i´ve seen are Valaya´s brew(has 5 or 10% chance to activate rather than 50%), engineer talents, blood kin.

Then there is that talent that makes you dash on a push,…quick suicide against a horde it is.

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Even worse, ledges. Pushing is such a survival related reflex I can’t avoid it, and it made me die. This talent should get a rework if only for the fact that it can kill a run if you get it as a random boon. Lots of ledges in the citadel of eternity

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