System Idea: Penance Points Boons

I propose that every week we get a number of Penance Points [PP] equal to our Penance score (which is account wide) that we communicate with an NPC to get buffed multipliers to XP, Ordo or Resources for 1 Hour per. Each would be stackable for duration with themselves and stackable with any events you might do in the future for possibly quadruple on a certain weekend if you go that route .

  • Double Ordo: 50 PP
  • Double XP 100 PP
  • Double Plasteel: 150 PP
  • Double Diamantine: 200 PP

This would allow for easier progression of new characters and classes as they come out or help with getting more materials- without needing to spend real money so that we can feel rewarded for doing challenges beyond the odd cosmetic and this number that currently does nothing!

This would also be a nice way to introduce a new NPC that is based around the spiritual redemption aspect of what our character(s) implicitly seek after- and imperial penance boons are part of the small drips of favor bestowed by the inquisition’s and another piece of the divine role in the 40K mythos.

Finally, This would look a lot better to the community than doing what other companies would charge premium currency for such boosts, which will be receieved as Pay to Win (faster) and a huge turn off but the Penance Points Boon system makes it entirely Driven through Progression and rewarding hard work beyond cosmetics!