Switching to trash model while playing


I have ussue when playing the game. Sometimes my weapon models and some environment models are switching to low quality ones. It may happen any time of match, or any next match. It can switch back to quality ones during same match or pesist till the end.
dlss on quality, rt is off.
System - i7 11700(b560) rtx3060(12gb) 32gb(dual 3200) nmve(pcie4.0)
Screenshot with bolter taken while spectating another player.

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try set mesh quality to 4 in option > video > advance graphic. i hv the same problem and it work out for me atm

I get it on the servitor skull for hacking, but I just ignore it usually.

the bug appears during auspex mission ?

Tnx I’ll try, hope my trash gpu won’t explode.
No, its appear at any mission (it was on heresy hi too).

Skull and medicae station or w/e prop can downgrade randomly too. Even bulwark’ shield.

Sadly, change of mesh quality didn’t help. Still same issue.

oh that’s an oldie. didn’t this happen a bit after launch too?

should prob post this in the bug report forum tho


what is ur field of view value ? try use HFOV: 108, VFOV: 75

if that doesnt work we can try to delete ur gpu shader cache

I changed hfov before from 95 to 100 (can try 108, but I doubt).
And shaders I deleted too (when I updated gpu drivers to see if new drivers can fix something, but eh)

Absolutely weird thing cuz gpu usage around 80% max and cpu about 50% (and ‘pitiful’ used amount of gpu memory, less than 6gb)
Also, I tryed to move from nvme to sata, same (in matter if something wrong with loading physical data).

hmm that is unlucky, hv u tried clean gpu driver uninstall using DDU ?

u can also try to verify game file (verify integrity if u playing on steam)
Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files (steampowered.com)

im not sure about the gpu usage, mine about 90% above while in game. ray tracing is off with medium graphic settings.

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