Swarm/miniboss spawn rates

I am not joking when I say that the last 5 minibosses we’ve faced have happened RIGHT at the beginning of a swarm phase.

This needs to be fixed. I am absolutely sick of facing the prospect of a wipe since you’re being swarmed AND you have a spawn or minotaur coming at you.

Please at least look at this. I could ignore it before but it just happened back to back in 2 different matches on champion and we ended up wiping.

Minibosses? You mean monsters? Maybe don’t play twitch mode then

You do realize that there are certain checkpoints in a level that basically trigger a boss fight, a patrol, or do nothing, and it’s not related to specials or hordes spawning in any way, but just to the level progression, right?


If not, that’s the case. There’s nothing to fix or adjust - it’s all about your pacing throughout the level. If you don’t have the timers ticking in your head, you will never know when horde and specials hit you and when, but boss or patrol checkpoints are a guaranteed coin flip, or a die roll rather, which determines whether you get either this, or that, or nothing.


Going to have to memorize boss/pat spawns and get on your team about fighting hordes first before going into those areas.

To give an example of learning spawn points and getting unlucky, consider the large hall here you find the 3rd tome in “Into the Nest” map. Depending on pacing, it is likely you are hit by a horde as you come to the entrance to this area (hole in the ceiling). If you jump down and press ahead during this horde, you will trigger the boss/patrol spawn. You may get lucky and not have either spawn but it’s best to finish off the horde before you drop into the room, before having the potential to trigger the boss.

With enough playtime, you tend to get a feeling of where these boss spawns are and make a conscious effort not to go over the trigger threshold if you are expecting a horde in the next 30seconds or so.

You need to memorize the Boss/Patrol spawn lines. Basically walking through certain ‘doorways’ will be a Boss/Patrol trigger.

Hordes are also on a timer, so try to keep in mind how long ago the last one was, and whether or not it’s worth walking through the ‘doorway’ yet.

Some of the spawn ‘doorways’ are in awkward places, and some can be triggered through walls etc.