Swap the armor class of Skarrik and Bodvarr

Simply what the title says. It doesn’t make sense to me, story-wise and mission-wise.
The guys are basically hero stormvermin and chaos warrior, and i feel like the armor category should reflect that. Again, Skarrik is just Krench 2.0 - less memorable, actually - while Bodvarr is the final boss of the chaos faction, I think his fight should be the most memorable.
Gameplay wise, Bodvarr is way easier a fight, it’s quite easy to parry/dodge his attacks, and you can stun him more easily. Also, into the nest is much longer a mission than the war camp.


skarrik: also u dont get heal/ammo on into the nest, BUT u dont even respawn in his arena…hes most challenging

This is a good point that I had someone that I was voicechatting with during into the nest point out to me, it’s almost the sole reason that he feels so daunting, because you know you aren’t gonna spawn back into the arena. So it creates a certain tension.

Not sure if it’s the right kind but it’s definitely there. If anything I have more of a feel that he’s challenging because his animations freak out when a lot of people are wailing at him and his attack-pattern becomes very erratic. Especially when dual-wielding.

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Yeah the way he keeps tracking one player and then suddenly locks onto another player while being beaten up and spazzing out WHILE using his dual wield gets really uncomfortable to read.
I can never decide whether he’s staggered, about to attack, about to run or what.

And the fact that I can’t damage him without headshots as Sienna just makes me sad. Oh well, can’t kill 'em all, it seems. :stuck_out_tongue:

I play a ton of Sienna, nearly got all chars at 30 now (Nearly got the dwarf there, never played much kruber) and have noticed her staffs are terrible at killing him. I’d rather not decimate my allies by trying anyway so I usually bring my mace these days since the charged attack still chunks him pretty nicely, but aside from that a lot of her options feel pretty bad bar rolling Pyro and drinking a purple flask with decanter.

You’d say this is fine, let your allies deal with the boss and just dish out some damage, but in the past (luckily not anymore) I’ve had plenty of times where I was playing unchained and the entire group somehow managed to wipe and I was left alone kiting the boss with no way to bring his healthpool down in between the constant spawns and in tickling him a bit post-spawns before the next mobs came. I would’ve felt more at ease playing just about any other class in that position despite the fact that I could easily survive for a long time, that doesn’t help if you can’t kill him. xD

At least they got rid of the flood of plague monks though, but even that I would’ve minded less if the boss could be chipped down or your allies revived.

After it got patched, I feel that Bodvarr is ok. I agree, pickups before skarrik (or better spawn) would be nice

Uhm… I think that bosses maps should not be harder, they are missions like others with just one more boss (in fact they give us just 2/3 loot dices.

Am I missing something? Don’t they both have Super Armor?

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I think that is intentional :smiley: He is like an Eshin boss (Or at least it seems to me like he is one could just be a black fur boss with Eshin-style outbreaks), i believe they a supposed to have an spasm outbreak that is considered under the skaven as “fighting” :smiley:

But i think its more depending on the Group, sometimes i have runs in which the boss falls pretty fast sometimes i have fights in which the group tries to chunk away his life ^^

But overall i would a gree to a Boss rework to make the Fights a little bit more unique and memorable, for now its just Boss - Wave - Boss - Wave - Boss + Wave - Boss dead or Group wipe just in different colors and different movement patterns and Attacks for bosses. I think the boss fights should resemble a bit more of the Boss’- Character.

You know Bodvarr as an Warchief charges around the arena and stomping a little bit like an child that dont gets his toys … i consider the double axe berserkers a bigger threat than him overall (From a playstyle perspective) :smiley:

(assuming Black-Furs are in the Lore elite fighters of the Skaven) Skarrik - as said - just spasm around the Arena like “Maybe i get someone hit if i just slice EVERYWHERE !” with adds of course.

Burblespew - Just a more annoying blight stormer … with … adds. Dangerous for the first time, but when the divine hammer of logical thinking hits you in the face and you realize you COULD just step to the right or left when he throws his sweat on you, you are safe too.

Skarsnik - The Minigun Rat could be a challenge tbh, because well … minigun, if it catches you on the open field you could be done pretty fast, but the ACTUAL BOSS Skarsnik just ports around, throws lightning … and adds … oh and you can interrupt him pretty easy, by shooting and throwing stuff at him : |

EDIT : For me the Bossfights sometimes dont feel satisfying, more like a chore to do in quickmatch, to get to the bridge of shadows - it should feel more like an “Wow awesome Bossfight, like it ! 10/10 would fight again” and should be a rewarding moment in it self to kill that boss