'Surgical' blessing doesn't seem to work, at least in Psykhanium (Vraks Headhunter)

Issue Description:
The “Surgical” blessing does not appear to function in the Psykhanium (and probably during missions too).
I have equipped the following headhunter autogun:

With a base 5% crit chance, +5% due to the perk, and then, after waiting at least 5 seconds looking down sights, I should reach a total of 30% crit chance ; literally, 1 shot in 3 if I’m lucky.

But sadly, when emptying my mag into a Reaper after at least 5 seconds ADS-ing, this is the basic result (full image in supporting evidence below):

I still only have around 1 crit out of 10 shots.
And I have done this for a while, with always the same average results. I have waited a long time while ADS. I have unequipped and reequipped the gun while in the Psykhanium. It does not change anything. I obtain the same average results when not aiming down sights.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Equip a Vraks Headhunter gun with Surgical blessing in the Psykhanium (Heresy)
  2. Unload a mag into a Reaper without ADS, and observe the average crit chance (should be around 1/20 without any perks)
  3. Unload a mag into a Reaper after waiting a while aiming down sights.
  4. There is zero difference.


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
[01/23/2023, 7:00PM] [UTC+1]

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:


This explains a lot. I also suspect it affects all weapons with this blessing.

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Yeah I can’t seem to get one that works either.

Nice, that’s the one blessing I can’t get away from on any of my characters, too

I saw someone testing this blessing on the Discord. At first they also thought it didn’t work, but the conclusion they came to is that it does work it just resets stacks when you shoot. So you need to wait between every shot to get the effect.

Obviously I’m not defending this blessing it’s awful, but to my knowledge it is actually “working”.

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So the stacks are ‘spent’ everytime you shoot ??? Who designed this? And who worded this description? My cat ?

This game was made by aliens. There’s no other explanation.

That makes the blessing absolute trash-tier. Not that surprising, I suppose. Almost all blessings in this game are absolute trash and only exist to increase the RNG to absurd levels.

Description should probaby be updated to better reflect this.

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