BUG - Surgical blessing not working


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I am a lvl 30 Zealot, with a legendary Bolter as my ranged, the bolter has the blessing “surgical” on it, it claims to add crit chance while aiming down sights “over time”. however, no matter how long i aim down sights, I get no visual cue of gaining this surgical buff. perhaps it works, perhaps it doesnt, but how would i know without a little buff like all the other buffs you pop up on us.

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Steam ID = Parasyght

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Constant (100%)

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Thank you for submitting this bug report. I just got a gun with tier 4 surgical and was excited to use it but then tested it and it didn’t do anything. Hope they fix this!

Bump, I have no idea if it works

Searching through other bug reports on the same topic would work. Crazy idea I know. Maybe just use the search bar and type in “surgical”? This is the second or third time I’ve explained this in a bug report thread.

Surgical works but the stacks reset when you fire so there are very few guns with any use case at all for it

If nothing else, the in-game text for it has now been updated to actually explain that it resets on every shot. Which… doesn’t make it any more useful, but at least the blessing now actually says that it’s useless.

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