Best Weapon + Blessing + Perk Pairings by Class Discussion

So while the recent patch made a lot of changes, and there is still plenty to gripe about with respect to higher levels of RNG than most would desire, at least now there’s a reason to start talking about builds and optimal pairings of blessings and perks for a given weapon and in consideration of a given class.

I’m happy to open the floor.

I’ve been running some Gun Psyker builds using the Vraks Mk VII Headhunter Autogun (this is the single semi-shot one). I really enjoy the gun, and am curious what people think are the best blessings and perks to look for on it.

Here’s a reference:

Seems like one good approach might be Ghost (up to 1s of ranged damage immunity on weak spot hit) plus Between the Eyes (clears suppression and grants immunity for up to 0.9s). These would make the psyker a little more damage resistent in fire fights, since their toughness pool is pretty low.

I could also see a version that combines deadly accurate (up to +50% critical weakspot damage) with one of the +crit chance blessings (crucial routlette, headhunter, or surgical).

I admit, my sense of how many of these blessings actually work in practice is a bit incomplete at this point.

Thoughts on the Headhunter Autogun builds?

I would try out headhunter builds, but as the game still runs like dogsh…for anyone who isn’t running top few percent PC hardware, I rather not rely on weapons which require precision at long range. 60-70 fps with drops in high intensity sceneries isn’t enough for good first person shooter experience.

Tbf I do enjoy some snap shots with the revolver and vet and preacher alike, but fps hiccups don’t make it fully enjoyable.

Headhunters have a good blessing pool. I hope I find one with a high-rated Deadly Accurate I can add the T4 Surgical I pulled off a traj gift. Please give me a reason to play Veteran again.

As for winning combos the Auto Pistol has a unique? blessing called Staggering Fire which is accurate af. You can do more damage per bullet against relevant targets like flak, infested and maniac than the Agrip braced does. The latest update also made your stagger double when braced with this weapon, as well as making this gun inflict stagger much faster.

After you hit a random jagoff with 3-4 shots, you’ll be doing enough damage for a 5s window to 2 shot all gun-wielding trash enemies on Damnation.

Not too familiar with how the breakpoints hit on this particular weapon but opening salvo, ghost or between the eyes to me sounds like the safest bet for just 1 tapping damage.

I think my problem with this blessing pool is that you need lots of weakpoint hits to make use of lot of them and i personally can’t really accurately hit those headshots with only irons in this game.
Deadly accurate does sound like it would give lots of damage, but you are reliant on crit + headshot so No respite / falter might just be a safer bet.

Really it is suprisingly good blessing pool if your aim is solid. I don’t think there are too many duds here which is suprising.