Surge force staff high peril concerns

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Issue Description:

The surge force staff doesn’t really work like every staff in V2 does when you hit max heat level. in V2 if your at 95 percent heat and you use a staff attack that gives you 20 heat, it just puts you at 99, so then you can vent or switch, its only once your at 99 heat that gaining more heat puts you over the limit and you explode. But the surge force staff doesnt seem to have that same property, if your at 90 peril and you use the lightning quick attack theres no 99 percent failsafe you just instantly overcharge and explode. It just makes using the staff at high peril really clunky feeling. Im not sure if the 99 percent failsafe is supposed to be a thing in darktide so im not putting this in as a bug but I think yall should really look into changing how it works.

Quick edit to mention some of the other psyker stuffs like the conflag staff and the brain burst also have the 99 heat failsafe, so there is some precedent in this game for it to end there.

Steps to Reproduce:

Use surge force lightning attack at 90 peril and die


I’ve noticed this as well, had to go to training room to validate what was going on to figure out why I kept blowing up with surge staff. Rather frustrating.

I noticed this and it has screwed my gameplay, including instant peril explosion without being warned - sometimes not over threshold?

This is happening with every staff and can sometimes fire instantly with no chance to use psykers ult to save yourself. I have been instantly detonated multiple times.