Psyker lightning staff incorrectly causing peril overload

Issue Description: With the first force staff (with the AOE explosion), so long as you start your channel under 98% peril, you can channel all the way and cast it without overloading your peril. However with the lightning force staff, if you start channeling at under 98% but casting the ability puts you at 100%, your peril will overload, even if after channeling but before casting your peril is under 98%. This only occurs if the peril goes to 100% after casting, not if it lands at 99% or 98%. Additionally, any cast that puts you at 100% will do this, it does not need to be a full charge so long as your peril was high enough when you started.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Build up peril such that a lightning cast will complete at 100% peril.
  2. Cast it.
  3. Explode

Steam client.

Player ID:

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Console Log:
console-2022-11-19-09.38.38-f8831ff7-2f1c-4660-adea-d3fda58cf1c1.log (360.7 KB)

darktide_launcher.log (126.3 KB)


Can confirm. You explode instantly after casting when you go above 100% with that staff.

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Also confirm, I was wondering about this.

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Hope it’s fixed I love this staff :smiley:

There appears to be a condition in which Psyker can overheat (go above 100% and force a near-detonation chance), but completely bypass the timer where you can activate your ultimate, instead instantly detonating instead of overheating.

As for what causes the condition, I don’t know. I’m managing to pull it off with a Surge Force Staff (lightning), doing chain lightning blasts where I’m not overheating by more than about 1-4% over 100%, sometimes the staff just normally kills you, other times it will instantly detonate as if you had a grenade. When the condition strikes, you cannot use your active skill to drop heat like you normally can, the class just instantly detonates.

In case it might help, the weapon I’m able to quasi-reliably do this on is this one right here. Given that there is no apparent reason explained to the player for why it force-detonates like this, I can only assume it’s bugged.

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Happens to me too, but not 100% reproduction rate. (For me) It Feels like it has something to do with the sequence of ult to get to 50% peril, quell a little and then overloading.

I had a similar issue, I tried reproducing it, but couldn’t work out what was causing it. It was like a 10% chance for me or so for the instant detonation, but 100% chance for the regular.