Pyker Overcharge bugged with Staff

I’ve had it happen multiple times and even had another psyker have it happen to them when I mentioned it during a run when it happened to me. If you hit 100% perils when attacking with a staff ability, you auto explode. There is no animation, no time to burn your ult. You simply explode and go down when you’re done the attack/cast animation. It’s a very frustrating thing for a multitude of reasons, but the biggest is the disparity between Brain Burst perils and weapon perils. I can brain Burst effectively endlessly because all I need to do is quell even a little bit and I can BB again. Meanwhile, if I accidentally tap left click with a staff out when I have 100% perils, I’m dead without my ult, or in the case of an attack just dead.

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Yea i made a bug ticket about it