Annoying things with Psyker

2 main things to talk about
-sometimes when enemies are behind short railings, it can technically block line of sight for Brain burst, despite enemies being mostly visible. really annoying
-the lightning attack on staffs will trigger the Peril Self destruct if the cast puts you at 100% peril.

example: if you use it at 99% peril, and youre boosted to 100% by it, you will explode.

from what i can tell no other psyker ability causes the explosion by just putting you at 100%, only when you cast while youre currently AT 100%. it feels like a weird exception for this to be the only ability that works differently and im almost unsure if this is a bug or not


The Void staff will also blow you up if you reach 100% perils while charging. It’s weird, because Brain Burst does not.

Brain burst’s targeting system seems to have been heavily nerfed since the closed beta test. It used to feel intelligent and useful, being capable of picking out an elite from within a crowd of chaff quite easily. Now… not so much.

Oh look, there’s a sniper over there! I can see his head peeking over that bit of cover. Presumably, his brain his located in his head, so I should clearly be able to burst him, yes? Nope.

Oh look again, there’s a mauler in this horde of scabs. I’m going to tag, then pop him. He’s clearly the biggest threat and I’m signalling to the game (and my team) that he should die. But it seems like some random mook ran in the way so I’m just going to give that poor guy the worst headache of his life instead.