Suggestions to the game for more builds

This is thread with some ideas for Fatshark and the community in regards to more options to make builds in Vermintide.

The main purpose is to air ideas that can, hopefully, make more builds viable, offer an alternative to the Swift Slaying trait for melee weapons, and also allow those interested to more closely emulate iconic Warhammer warriors found in the setting. In the case of this thread these things are inspired by the Dwarf “Hammerer”.

You may noticed that these things are pretty powerful, which I suppose they have to be in order to compete with +20 Attack Speed from Critical Hits.

Hammerer Stuff

Weapon Traits for Bardin’s, and perhaps Kruber’s, two-handed hammer.

Armour Dent - Inflict bleeding damage on armoured enemies

Bonebreaker - Hits reduce movement and/or attack speed on target (1-5%)

Hammerhand - +25% stagger to headshots

Smash Around - Slight increase in the weapon’s cleave and stagger overall

Ironbreaker Traits - Can be exchanged for one of the existing Ironbreaker Traits, if the player so wish

Friendguard - Half the damage inflicted by a tagged enemy is redirected to Bardin from a close by ally

Come get me! - The “Taunt” also increase Bardin’s Attack Speed with +5%

Valaya’s Hand - +15% Revive Speed