Suggestions on new DLC content

The contents of the two maps contained in the latest DLC made me a little disappointed. The map area is too large, and the second map is too disgusting. The player is completely invisible in the mouse hole. Why do you want to design such a setting? Instead of wasting human resources and designing huge maps, it is better to make the map smaller and make more maps.After all, this is not an RPG game, you don’t need too much map area. Players generally aim to get 5 books, so the route the player takes is basically fixed, and the rest of the map is a waste. .

There have been fewer and fewer players in the game recently, at least in China. I want to give a suggestion: Before, some people opened the cheat software card BUG, brushed out the boxes of many top masters, all their professional weapons are red equipment, so there is no desire to play the game. If you can design a weapon with a new attribute, even if the attribute is a little higher than the previous red equipment, like the current purple appearance weapon, I think it is more feasible to use the skin of the current purple weapon as a weapon of new attributes. Players of this game are estimated to be more.In the same way as “online games”, the difficulty of players getting weapons and equipment is not too high. However, every time a major update of the game, there are new attributes of the game equipment, in order to continue to attract players to continue to play.

Finally, please design the map of the game a little more, the previous maps are tired, and now the two new maps are too failed, no interest in playing.Maps can be designed to be small or interesting. For example, in a spacious place, and then there’s a constant flow of mice, just plain junior mice, no heavily armoured mice, exciting. Or on some high platform, the ground is densely covered with heavily armored mouse elite monsters, the high platform has unlimited ammunition supply, players can shoot freely. It can also be designed as these platforms require a certain jumping skills, if the jumping failure player will fall from the platforms to the ground, will certainly be beaten by elite monsters, ha-ha, imagine such a map is interesting.
Or, open up some online MODs and let players design their own maps, like Left 4 Dead, and over the years, Left 4 Dead has a lot of players playing because many of its maps are made by players’DIY.

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