General Feedback/Suggestions #1

First off, great game! Very fun, very engaging, very difficult. My friends and I are having a great time playing it. Its not without some slight bugs, graphical issues, UI/Quality of Life issues, etc. But very solid. A great place to start and build on. Aside from the Left 4 Dead games, there aren’t a ton of games like this, so you can be an innovator here and really push this genre and style of game forward, similar to how Fortnite has pushed Battle Royale forward (even though Im not a fan of Fortnite battle royale).

Now for suggestions and feedback:


  • UI ease of use & information: A lot of times I find myself wondering what certain things do, where to find certain GUIs, etc. I have to remind myself that I have to hit escape to get to a social menu to add friends. Give us a hotkey to go to Social menu.

  • Barrels: My friends and I are agreeing that the barrel usage is not as important as it was in Left 4 Dead. Sometimes we will use it, but its often just a major pain to try to target the barrel in the middle of a horde.

  • Ammo: My buddies groaned and moaned about the recent ammo nerf. Ammo is at times tough to come by depending on your party makeup. And ammo is not personalized, meaning only one person gets to loot the ammo pouch. When youre playing a pure ranged character, you want to be at range most of the time Yes, you need to melee from time to time, but a lot of my friends have found themselves in melee range more than ranged because of ammo scarcity. This needs some thought and discussion. Maybe, and only for ammo: Make it a bit more rare, but everyone gets to loot it when it comes up.

  • Potions in ‘hideout’: You can’t take these into missions it seems. The potion stocks near the old lady are there for show. If we load up with them, they disappear once we get into a mission, even on recruit. Oh, and move that lady out of the way. She blocks the path leading to the potions.

  • Damage and weakspots: This is a weird one… Im aiming at the heads of some enemies, but im not lobbing them off sometimes. Even for chaos warriors…I would aim at their neck or above, and I would still see the red shield/armor icon indicating that Ive done zero damage. I think this part needs to be a bit more visceral. Are there different weakspots per enemy? And how do I know if Ive successfully hit that weak spot. How do I know if Im critting? Its often hard to distinguish these things in the middle of 50 enemies, fire every where, dark lighting etc.


  • Variety of game modes: While I love the base game, I often don’t have 30-45 minutes to devote to a game. Or I simply cannot get involved in a game where there is constant danger, even standing still. Sometimes Im called to change a baby diaper. If there were other, shorter, game modes, where I can play for 15-20 minutes at a clip with ease that would be great. Additional game modes, such as Endless Survival modes (perfect for this game), or defense modes where you defend one or a few points, would be awesome.

  • Social hub: I know the instances we play in are hosted by us in a manner of speaking and not by Fatshark, but games such as Warframe have figured out how to make some social hubs where players can go to, congregate with other random people, check out eachothers gear, vendors, etc. It doesn’t have to be overly large. But its a thought for down the road.

  • More characters/subclasses/talent choices: Im sure you’re thinking this, but 15 classes is great. Add more! Id love some more playstyles down the road. I do like being able to choose between 1 of 3 talents. Expand on this. Or, if it works within the game, instead of a choice between 1 of 3 talents per row, give us a node tree or a grid to work around. Really make the choices dynamic.

  • Weapon talents: I’m borrowing this idea from Guild Wars 2 and Divinity Original sin 2, because I see it slightly here. There are a bunch of different weapons and some work differently. What if, per weapon type, there was a talent tree that we could traverse? Ex. Beam staff: Increase range of beam by X%. Increase damage rate by X%. Increase width of beam by X% while decreasing range. You can get creative and add a whole other level to diversity in the game.


Yeah UI is probably the weakest spot of the game right now, it has been reported as bad numerous times in all betas.

I think you’re mistaken, it still is a mainly melee focus game. I can’t speak for the developers but being at range half the time is probably the most you could ask, even on a ranged character. Probably less. Ammo is scarce and it is intended. It still subject to balance and discussion but I think it is quite on the good spot now (except for heating weapon that can still spam a lot, especially ironbreaker bardin

Well those are for testing purpose only, you are not supposed to take them into battle.

It might still be not clearly indicated in game : you need armor piercing attacks to damage armored ennemies, and the chaso warrior is fully armored, even on the head. their head is still their weakspot though, just charge your attacks : normal arrows won’t hurt them in the head, just like most light melee attacks (not 2h hammer and axe for exemple)


Loving the game thank you, enjoy the improvements
I just wish there was no gender lock, could be the same story just male/female with a different first name another idea would to give us male/female skins for the characters please I really don’t like playing a female pyromancer (favourite character) breaks my class fantasy and roleplay in a sense. Thanks

All the support

Social: You can also add people in Steam Friends.
Ammo: There are NO “pure ranged characters”. This game is about melee combat at least 50% all the time.
Potions: Ever thought about that these are there for practising? Like the bombs and ammo box? Maybe to get used to new weapons/classes? They are.
Oh, and never talk bad about Olesya ever again. She is the main reason why we’re even getting missions…and Lohner, don’t forget about Lohner…
Damage: Did you ever, with any weapon, were able to chop off the head of a Chaos Warrior? I bet you don’t, because you can’t. If your weapon doesn’t penetrate armor you get a red sign. Use a weapon that can, or you have to depend on your teammates to do it. Crits are easily seen, as your melee weapon swings with a blurred effect and makes a sound while doing so. Ranged weapons have a red trail instead of blue, don’t know for automatic weapons. Open your eyes/ears.

This is not your average Korean MMO.

depends on the weapon swing. if the weapon swing is a centralised vertical downwards strike, you are going to be smacking the head dead on. try it with a 2h hammer, glaive, or 1h elf sword. otherwise, it’s not going to be 100% reliable with all the moving around.

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