Suggestion: Smoke Grenade Buff Idea

Made an account just to give this idea I’ve had since I used smoke grenades the first time: just make them explode on impact. That’s it. I genuinely believe this would improve the usability of it significantly. If you get surprised be a squad of shooters and gunners, you throw a smoke and have to wait a couple of seconds - sometimes longer if you get unlucky bounces on geometry or enemies - for it to go off. Meanwhile, you’re getting shredded with no escape because you were caught too far from cover and can’t sprint. However, if it explodes instantly on impact, it would drastically improve reactionary usage, making it more versatile and gratifying to use. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.


Gas grenade with chemical damage stacks, all I’m saying.

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If ya want to change the grenade completely, I actually like that idea. It leaves a chem cloud and the longer enemies stay in it, the more damage stacks up like bleed or burn does. Not sure if it fits the veteran but he is the one it would probably most fit. Pretty cool :+1:


why would i choose a grenade that disrupts a bunch of enemies, if i could choose a grenade that disrupts the same enemies but also kill alot of em?
the smoke grenade should give 80% addative ranged damage reduction for any ally in it. so you can actually use it to cover some ground, wich would make sense for the right side of the tree, as it melee/hybrid side

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Tbh I want some other cool stuff like Zealot’s throwing knife or Psyker’s Assail, a stub gun that with fast draw that can use in conjunction with main range weapon maybe? Oh wait, this isn’t Call of Duty. lol.

but that aside I’m fine with any buff to smoke nade, it really need one.

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