Smoke grenade should be able to extinguish fire like in CSGO

1.It’ll add an effective way to counter Bombers, just like psyker’s shield against gunners, making gameplay more strategic and diverse.

2.Making melee vets more useful, by creating a Non-fire environment. Because their toughness is afraid of fire.

3.If a bomber leaves an fire area that makes you suffer or blocks the way, then players should have a tactical method to deal with such kind of situation.

  1. It still needs operation and judgement of when and where to throw a grenade, so it wont hurt the game balance.

  2. It is cool.


Might as well make it good for something.


I think this is a very good idea. I tried this operation after knowing about the smoke bomb. Unfortunately, FatShark did not surprise me.

I like this idea

This is a good idea, smoke grenades are cool but there doesn’t seem to be much to set them apart from the other grenade types right now.

You should really try to give it a go, it’s actually incredibly useful, especially with grenade tinkerer. I regret sleeping on it on day one. Rarely use other nades atm lol. It’s very good for bailing out the team from killboxes, saving yourself from crossfire or helping the team push entrenched shooters/gunners/reapers. Although I agree it needs some sort of buff, ideally DMG/DoT, but some more utility would go a long way too, especially OP’s suggestion, golden stuff there IMO.

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I’ll respectfully disagree. When it actually blocks LoS for ranged enemies instead of just acting like a cloak while you’re inside it, then it’ll do the job it’s meant for.

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