Suggestion: Show the Secondary weapon in the mission prep

Its hard to coordinate load outs when we can’t see the load outs.

Played a mission with several other psykers. No one had a flame staff which would have helped with their otherwise anemic wave clear. I think default showing secondary weapons, especially psyker (maybe preacher) we’d be able to see if someone was packing a flame thrower and adjust accordingly.

Seeing 3 force swords reveals nothing on what they intended their role to be.

Ironically end screen will often show them with their secondary weapons. Honestly, I’d prefer some kind of hero pose where they are holding both. Plus we can see all the skins in one shot that way.


Fully agree with this. As a Psyker too, when I see a 2nd one in the lobby screen, my first thought is always wondering which staff they have and if i should change mine.

Seeing the loadouts of the team on the lobby would be a great help.

Agreed. Sharpshooters should hold their gun.

Yes, noticed this as well on my psyker.
Would also be nice to see if zealot has a flamer, since than using flame staff becomes extremely redundant.
Played one match where I had flame staff and the other two zealots both had flamers…

But there is never too many flamers!

But for real, we should either be able to see both weapons or show ranged weapon as default instead of melee, since ranged choice make bigger difference in team composition.

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Continues flaming away screaming while the screen has been clear of enemies for 2 minutes and 3 seconds …

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No no no. For sure some of them are still hiding out there…

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Yeah … I can see the reflections of the flames in those dilated pupils.

Anyway, on a lighter note, please make it happen Fatshark.
Don’t need to be on character just 2 pictures and text below or something.

Or option in interface to pick which weapon is shown, primary or secondary. After all they are modeled and all since we can see them on our equipment screen.