Suggestion: Make slide animation cancelable

I’ve had multiple instances by now, where I used dodge slide to evade enemies, only to then slide into the arms of other enemies popping up while I am sliding. Slide - to the best of my knowledge - not being interruptible means that you have no way to react in such a situation.

I want the player to have full agency over his movement at all times,
therefore what I’d like to propose is to make the slide animation cancelable via two actions:

  1. Jump
  2. Tapping the opposite direction key.

You gotta stop playing with 60 FoV like it’s your grandma playing Xbox.

Drag that slider all the way up and take in the glorious sight of your unguarded flanks!

Already doing that. I would put it even higher (105 VFOV) if FS had not arbitrarily decided to put the max lower after the closed beta - probably damage control to hide how bad the performance really is. The game is claustrophobic even on max fov as it stands.
Anyway that’s besides the point though.

It isn’t beside the point really. You want a crutch because you lack awareness.
Check your sides before sliding and you sliding into enemies will magically become a non issue :heart:

No really my problem is that I don’t want to be locked in an animation, that is as long as that for no reason. I want full control of my character’s movement at all times and slide is the only part, where that is not the case.
I don’t get how this is controversial for you.

I don’t think it’s controversial, I think it’s a non issue.

If it is not controversial for you, then I fail to see your contra argument. Saying that it isn’t an issue is no argument.

Yes it is :heart_hands:

Ok here goes: It is an issue!
Master debater argument strats

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