Slide needs work

The window to perform a slide when sprinting feels too short imo. So many times people heroically leap forward just to sit down awkwardly in front of the enemy, getting shot in the face.

The sliding distance I’m totally fine with. But the window to be able to pull it off feels way to strict/short and it kind of puts me off even trying it because it feels like 50/50 if I’m gonna pull it off or not.

Sure I could git gud, but compared to every other game with slide this just feels off (bad comparison cus I hate it otherwise, but Apex Legends’ slide is a good example). So in the interest of making the gameplay feel as fluid as possible, I really wish FS would have a look at this.


While I hate the idea of comparing anything in this game to Apex, I agree the slide definitely needs work.


While I also don’t want sliding to be too overboard, I agree that the current slide distance is, shall we say…anti-climatic. Like trying to sled down too shallow a hill with not enough snow levels of sad.

Yeah I think we should be able to activate it sooner to make slide-chaining easier to do, it feels a bit anemic at the moment.

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It was good before they nerfed it. It provided a slight boost and extra distance and had more anti-ranged iframes.

Now if you want to use it while meleeing to avoid being stunlocked by 40 aimbots on diff 4/5, forget about it.

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