Fatshark, can you please allow us to immediately sprint out of a slide while crouch toggle is ON?

Normally, crouch toggle is OFF. This means you can sprint into a slide and let go of the crouch button and immediately run/sprint again.

When you have crouch toggle ON, this makes it so that I have to sprint into a slide AND THEN WAIT ONE SECOND and then press the crouch button AGAIN, before I can sprint again.

This makes the game feel clunky. I’ve played games like Apex and Shatterline and their slides are silky smooth. I’d like for Darktide to be the same since it will make it easier to dodge ranged shots.

That’s all. Thank you for considering.


Absolutely agree. And please include Ogryn and Zealot dashes too.


Completely agree, unsure as to why it works this way, but sometimes you can feel like you’re just stun locked there from crouching thinking you are sliding. This just incentivizes dodging over sliding which just feels odd. Especially if you want to melee as like the zealot or something. If they want to keep it this way, maybe make it where there is a resistance to it or at least make it not effect you while you have toughness? Could make sense when shooting the hp portion, just weird that it happens regardless when under fire and it’s not all types of fire either which makes it feel even more clunky imo.

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please do, I want it to feel as smooth as possible


Sprinting should automatically take you out of crouch. It’s what you see in most FPS.


Yes, it should