Auto Stand After Slide

I’m using a controller while playing the Pre-Order beta (mucked up hand) and the crouch mechanic is extremely awkward to use. If the crouch button is hold to crouch, I can slide but trying to crouch while shooting is extremely awkward to use. If it isn’t then crouch while shooting is significantly easier but the slide always ends in me crouch walking which is less then ideal if I’m using it as a gap closer.

I’d either like it so that when hold to crouch is off it automatically brings me back to standing after a slide, or to have that as an option to toggle. As it stands (heh) right now though, I’m never crouching for cover or to steady my aim.

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A new toggle that let you keep crouch toggle enabled, but made you stand up at the end of a slide, would be lovely.

As a sharpshooter main in Darktide (and in most FPS) I use crouch toggle - but when in melee or dodging fire, I don’t want to be stuck on the ground moving slow at the end and have to un-toggle crouch again.

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Or better yet, do what a lot of FPS games do and have a button for toggle and a button for instant. That way, I can use, say, CTRL to toggle for cover engagements and C for instant slides.

That would be nice for M&K users, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a pain point for anyone using a controller, either on PC (like I am) or when it releases on console.