Suggestion for Idle Quick Play Hosting

I believe I mentioned this idea a couple of times in passing on Steam but never bothered to make a dedicated post about it, so here goes. I think it could be beneficial to implement an automated system that tracks player inactivity in the Keep, specifically for the host, and use this to auto-cancel a Quick Play queue (just as if pressing F10) after 10 minutes of being idle.

I know this is a rare occurrence to connect to a host who started QP and went AFK for an extended period of time, but it can be a disruptive situation when it causes players to repeatedly connect to this host unless they either direct connect to another game via the lobby browser or go out of their way to play the same hero or otherwise host a game (such as with a mod). Should this concept even be considered, I understand it will likely be a low priority project due to the infrequency of the situation.

Games have been tracking inactivity for decades just to poke fun at the player in titles such as Borderlands 2 or Duke Nukem 3D, so on the plus side it should be fairly easy to implement and not resource-intensive. However, I know that throwing in extra variables such as cancelling a QP queue could create unforeseen complications, but hopefully not. Thanks for reading.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, in order for this to work it couldn’t be restricted to only Quick Play, but also hosting Custom Games since clients can connect to the latter with the former.