[Suggestion] Add a third option "leave lobby" in the map vote selection screen

Almost every single time, when a map vote is initiated and someone wants to leave the lobby, they pick “no” and then leave.
This means, the remaining players have to redo all the voting procedure (look for the desired map, being ejected from the inventory for the other players and having to vote again, etc.)

Voting “yes” and then leaving, so that you don’t bother the other players, is counter-intuitive. Hence, I suggest adding a third button, “Leave lobby” (or something like that), that in effect will either vote “yes” and leave, or leave without voting (depending what is possible to code).

While this improvement isn’t about something game-breaking, and wouldn’t save a ton of time, it would help with the perception of not wasting time, which is subjective and tends to be aggravated much more is this situation (it’s a psychological thing, once you decided something - for example voting “yes” - you don’t want to be asked the question again and spend time even if objectively it wouldn’t be that much more).

[Edit : typo corrected]


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