Make the votes last longer than 3 seconds

We often make choices according to those of others, and argue about them after having made them. It’s even more important when you’re not in vocal and have to text your arguments, 3 seconds is just not nearly enough.
P.S. In summary, my proposal would be to extend this duration to 5 seconds.

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In my opinion, sorry, but if people cant take a moment to think and look around then suffering for it is deserved. Maybe doing so a few times will help said people learn to be a little bit more patient.

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You don’t seem to get it, let me develop my point. Choosing the “right” choice right away can just make hesitant people more likely to follow you, thinking “he probably made this choice for good reason”. Also, since there is no “majority” system, waiting for that last moron for 20 seconds to follow you three who all agreed on one map, only for him to choose the other (let’s assume it is the worse choice to make), you’re like “(3) wait no no no (2) wtf you doing (1) noooo ! (0) (we’re all diverted) but why would you do that ?!”. In case he just doesn’t know he’s making a huge mistake, we can always explain him, but only if we have time for it, which we should. It’s important to be able to change one’s and other people’s mind.
P.S. I mean you just wouldn’t have expected him to make this choice, the obvious and manifest wrong choice, so you didn’t even think it would have been necessary to argue about it. But then you end up with that… so yeah…

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Seems like if it chose by majority and not randomly that would solve this. Honestly I think it should choose randomly only if it’s split.

30 seconds is too long. Should be 15 seconds, tops.

You only need to look at the bottom buff on the next 2 maps and the maps following them to make a decision. It’s not rocket science.

Cool down reduction > attack speed = stam recovery > crit chance = BCR > crit power = stamina >> move speed.

Shrines are only worthwhile if you all have coins.

And I feel the exact same way about this. But fatshark seem stubbornly determined to make every single thing random in this new gamemode… which sometimes is fun, but other times it’s just goddamn annoying…

First, read my second post.
Second, I’m not talking about the time we have before making our choice, but the very short time we have after having made it.

Hah i love how wrong you are with priorities, thats why there is still weight roll if there is split between players.


Honestly just all read my second post, where I give a specific example of a situation where this have nothing to do with priorities nor any wrong choice I could have made.
P.S. Sorry I thought you were replying to me. But this is still valid though.

Vermintide have already too much waiting game, dont make them make this even longer

So what you want is more time to explain to possibly ignorant peeps exactly why their choices are ignorant, in the middle of a long as game mode?

When they might just disagree and do whatever they want still?

As much as i am up for letting people become more informed, adding more time to expeditions is NOT the time to do that. Debating back and forth takes ages and especially if the person is determined to stick to his choice,


I partly agree with that, but I’m just asking for a few more seconds, just enough that can be decisive for the whole game afterwards.

Without having read the thread, the vote should be agreed upon by having everyone press a “ready” button after voting on the next map.

Few more seconds wouldn’t change much. It may (barely) give you enough time to explain your decision but the one you are trying to pursuade would not have enough time to comprehend it to change their mind.

As for time enough to engage a full discussion, that would take too much time, though I understand that it’s not what you are asking for.

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