Make the Chaos waste voting system democratic

why is this not a thing? how come its just based on a random percentage? if 3 people want to go somewhere thats how it should be.

Because sometimes the changer of ways has the last word. I like it, especially when the game agrees we should hit up the map with 30% stamina regen over 40% crit power.

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thats not how a game works. it has a vote system but it doesnt do it lol

It works fine. Everyone’s vote has 25% chance of being picked.


i think it would make more sense if it goes where the majority of the party wants it to go. ive seen people not answer mics, or misclick and take the route nobody wanted to and then they get voted off the game.

This is the bigger problem. If I vote x and the other three vote y, and then the game chooses X, everyone gets mad at me.

For example, I think +coins is better than literally any other thing you can get, especially early on. I will always vote +coins.


thats one of my points. the game should go with what the majority of the party wants. stay connected

It’s the chaos wastes. It’s chaotic.
Everyone has a chance of being picked. My group sometimes picks different things just for the randomness of it.
I quite like it the way it is. Here’s your dice. Cast them.


considering that in every constelation of players (2p,3p,4p) you have the last say in a kickvote means that, the fact that person was kicked, means that you voted with a “yes” to kick them, for

wich makes you sound like a douche

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of course i kick them, especially when people dont want to communicate on the game where teamwork is required. i play on cata and cant waste my time on CW with bad players.

Huh, I didn’t know it work that way… Frankly I like it!

I like the random nature of it, personally. To solve the “people getting mad” aspect it would be easy to just hide who voted for what.