Sugestion: Multiple loadouts slots

Could we get some loadout slots?
Like multiple pre-saved loadouts for different scenarios or rolls to fill in the game.
Needing to change my gear and feats Every time is toublessome work.
Don’t know how hard it would be to implemente that, but its just a sugestion.
Loadout 1 (i want to be an elit killer): weapon A + weapon B + curios C, D and F; etc…
Loadout 2 (i want to be an hordewave killer): weapon C + weapon A + curios F, G and H; etc…
Loadout 3 (i want to be an tank): weapon E + weapon D + curios I, L and Z; etc…


Absolutely this. (Should post this to Gameplay Feedback!)
3 slots per class would be perfect.

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Vermintide 2 allowed mods and had this because of it, since they went the route of having no mods i would expect them follow up with supporting features like this but one can only hope

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Yep 5 loadout slots would be enough to make a few different builds.

Or being able to favourite items, then have an option to have favourite items at the top of the list would help immensely.

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