Sudden CPU usage drop from between 60/80% to 30%

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Windows 11
Intel i5 9300H 2.5GHZ
16 GB DDR3 Ram
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4GB

Playing on medium settings with tweaks for personal preference.
I have made a video capturing the issue, it takes about 5 minutes: 2024-04-01 12-00-09.mp4 - Google Drive (link to mp4 file on google drive)
You can see in the beginning the CPU usage altering between 60 to 80% and the game running smoothly.
After only a few minutes into the game extreme stuttering occurs while at that exact moment CPU usage drops to 30%, never to rise again.
The game is then unplayable as the stuttering has become that extreme. Shutting down the game completely and starting it anew from Steam results in the same running smoothly for a few minutes then the CPU usage drops.
Leaving a mission does not change the situation.
My drivers are all up to date. I have tried pretty much every fix to improve performance described in the forums and on reddit I could find.

Maybe this is helpful: when I played the game up to the introduction of the crafting system end of November/probably stopped around December 2022 I had no issues whatsoever. Having installed the game again around December 23 I have not been able to find a fix for this issue thus far.

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No, I don’t use mods

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Constant (100%)

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Steam (PC)

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This sounds like a case of thermal throttling. Please investigate whether your CPU may be overheating.

Thank you for your quick response! Using HWMonitor I can confirm that while the CPU heats up to about 70° it stays stable at that temperature which is well below the maximum heat threshhold (I monitored all the cores) while at the same time the CPU usage drops as usual a few minutes into the mission. I am happy about any ideas how to fix this!

I have monitored the game with ThrottleStop and could see that it is indeed thermal throttling: when I turn off “BD PROCHOT” the core temperatures jump to 94/95 immediately which is the cores limit.
Thank you so much for pointing me to the right direction, it was superhelpful! I will try now fixing the overheating issue with suggestions I found to be working for others: applying new cooling paste, using a cooling pad. I hope that will help.
Thank you again and have a great day!

[Update 2]
I tried to see if I can get Darktide playable by tweaking the CPU related settings. I read somewhere that Vertical Sync activated helps CPU load, so I turned it on. Also I turned the Worker Threads from 4 to 2 and indeed I was able to play for a whole mission! I will keep tinkering to see if I can optimize this further. Any ideas on how to reduce CPU load are highly appreciated!

Since you’re using intel

download “Intel Extreme Tuning Utility” go to advanced tuning
there you can decrease the ratio of your CPU Cores
the lower the ratio the less power consumption (ergo heat) and processing power your cpu going to have
(you loose warranty if change cpu clocking)

in addition you could set your TVB manually → basically if 75°C subtract ratio of 1, and a harder threshold later like in my example