Stutters, low fps after the latest hotfix, what gives?

  • Plataform: Steam
  • Min and Max fps: Places where i would be 200+ now im getting 100 with heavy stutters, doesnt matter the settings.
  • All drivers are up to date
  • No launcher log posted, will do when im get home.

I have 4080, 5800x3d, 32gb ddr4 3200mhz and game on a NVME SSD…

Every game i own, i run flawless, on 3440x1440p 144hz ultrawide monitor…

When the patch dropped, i was honestly surprised at how good the game was running…i use G-Sync +Vsync on NVCP+Low Latency on to keep within the Gsync range, so, game is locked at 138fps!

THE FPS NEVER DROPED BELOW THAT! Always locked at that framerate ( i use a mix of settings to get better performance )

But, since the last hotfix, i’ve been getting out of nowhere stutters (i’ve tried true solo runs, and there, even tho i have stutters, but, less frequently, so, i assume there’s something to do with servers latency and such) and drop to 90fps sometimes when nothing is happening! Not even during hordes!

I’ve tried:

  • Fresh windows install
  • DDU driver (in the new installation)
  • Different settings in NVCP
  • New BIOS
  • All C++ bundles reinstalled
  • Launcher options reseted (so shader cache can be built again)
  • Decrease all cpu intensive and crank the gpu intensive setttings all the way up

What i’m yet to try:

  • Different windows version (i use the Ghost Spectre custom windows 11, which is really good and been using for sometime)
  • Since i’ve DDU’ed the driver last night, i’m yet to rebuild the cache inside the game, so, it might take some games (5 or so)
  • Disabling SAM(ReBar) (a user here post’ed some testing regarding that)

I Have 400 hours in the game since it launched, and i’ve been in various stages of performance, and for me, this worst yet and i dont know what else to do, but, i know some ppl are having same issues, even worse than me!

Other games that i play, that run flawless:

  • Diablo 4

  • Starfield

  • Bf2042

  • Even the latest Lords of the Fallen i run capped…,

SO, clearly, not my rig, something really weird is affecting a few rigs since last hotfix…

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Im starting to think its more related to how the game uses AMD CPU’s as the consoles also exhibit weird performance issues and those are AMD as well. Something with how it renders or loads assets from the CPU to the GPU is my guess, though I could be completely wrong.

makes sense, but what did they change in the latest hotfix that could get this bad? i mean, i’ve lost 50% of my performance easly…but, im yet to try your advice (seen from your post) regarding ReBar…

I wish I had the answer since I rarely had to worry about Darktides performance before the patch, some low FPS from the overall performance of my GPU sure, but never harsh stuttering I was experiencing after this patch. I also have been playing a bunch of Cyberpunk and it nearly maxes out my system(more than darktide) yet has no issues with stutter.

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i mean, the always had a performance problem, but not like this (at least for me and some ppl ive seen on reddit)…Bizarre to say the least…but i doubt fatshark will notice this topic tbh

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