New FPS Stuttering

I’ve tinkered with the performance improvements FAQ. I’ve had the game running flawlessly with settings. Seemingly randomly (maybe a windows update?) the FPS has intense micro stutters. I can’t pin point it. A week ago, the game was running smoothly. Now it’s not.

I’ve been away from home for a week and my PC has been off. Updated my GPU drivers to the lates (Radeon 22.7.1). Didn’t fix. Tried the Borderless/Fullscreen swap, no fix. Has anything changed in the last week that I can look into?

EDIT: The benchmark tool won’t even load anymore.

I had the same since the new skins came in. This is what worked for me:

Have you tried turning off the game overlay on Steam? (you can’t use the in-game store while this option is off)

That worked for me.

Also, CTRL + ALT + DEL and closing ‘Launcher’, when the game is already open removed some lag too.

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I have the Steam Overlay disabled. Closing the Launcher after the game is open is new to me, will give it a shot.

EDIT: The game crashes as soon as a map is loaded (after the launcher task is ended) for an Easy Anti-Cheat violation. Does not work.

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Same actually. It didn’t used to.

It works for me if I close the sub-process and then the main one after though for some reason.

I have a small number of complaints from other players with issues of a similar nature, and it seems to correspond with a recent update to the Steam client, which I’m currently looking in to. You could also try disabling In-Game Voice Chat and see if there’s any improvement.

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