Stuck in Dark Omens, Von Ahlsee Estates area

Today my party got stuck on Dark Omens map, Von Ahlsee Estates area. There was an invisible wall just before the drop (between two rock formations), not letting any player or bot through. Enemies were not affected by it though. There was no boss at that moment, no horde, no ambush.

We were not able to continue, we had to restart the map. Also on of the players (not the host) experienced a game crash jus a few seconds after hitting that invisible wall.


Just experienced this myself, same invisible wall in the same spot.

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Have experienced it twice now. Once as host and once as client. My guess is a glitched boss wall

Hi, this has happened to me too once. A few others encountered it as well, see this reddit thread (with a screenshot of the exact location of the invisible wall):

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