Invisible wall at Dark omen

For some reason ambush objective persists after completing - so you encounter invisible wall right before the 3d ledge after the ambush location. Can’t say what triggers it - my guess is smth during ambush event. What indicates this bug - is an objective marker at beastman sword that stays after completing the event. Also, bots, if dead, may spawn before the second ledge (after ambush location) while party is between the 2nd and the 3d one during this bug. U can’t ult through this wall (by zealot or maiden). Once dwarf somehow went through but I have no idea how.

  • Don’t know how to reproduce it.
  • Got this 4 times already - can’t say how many times I failed… I meant played this map during this week - let’s say a lot.
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There’s also an invisible wall issue sometimes later in the map, where the path turns to the left at the end of the first cliff section. This is after the semi-open area near the 2nd grim, where there’s always a beastmen horde & sometimes there’s a Minotaur. I’m guessing that’s where the boss wall would spawn, and somehow the boss wall glitched into existence with no visuals & with no boss.

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