[Strong Suggestion] Give us a way to craft deeds!

I’m kind of a new player (have around 700 hours as of right now) and I still have most challenges completed (legend challenges, cata challenges, map challenges). I also have 10k+ of most crafting materials. (I also know of people with 3000+ hours with a lot more crafting materials). I’ve been trying to get the 500 deeds completed challenge so I can get the frame reward but i’ve been stuck at 200 for months now, I’ve asked on most Vermintide related places (steam, discord channels, reddit, forums) for people willing to share their deeds (because opening 200+ vaults yields me around 3 or 4 deeds) and I still only found a handful of people to play with. Most don’t have deeds to share because they are hard to come by, others with around 30 deeds or so are afraid of ping (rightly so).
So what I’m asking for is, given that the game has a small player base (dwindiling down), that deeds are hard to come by, and that any player with a couple hours in the game have lots of crafting materials which serve no purpose. Give us a way to obtain more deeds, my suggestion: let us craft them and use that, other way, useless junk


You are right: deeds should be craftable… not only for 500 deeds challenge’s sake… in order to improve variety and fun. A way to spice up the game without the need of (often unbalanced) mods should be essential.

Anyway, if this helps, you can try to find people directly in game… host a lobby, when someone joins, try to ask if they want to put a deed to increase the reward. This helped me a lot.

Totally agree. Deeds should NOT be scarce. The frames are rewards for completing games not for having deeds drop from chests. We also need a deed lobby. I think Fatshark said they were working on it. It should be simple to fix, so I can’t understand why it’s taking so long.