Strangest bounty hunter i ever saw. ( Long rant&doubt. )


So i just encountered one of the weirdest guys i´ve ever seen in this game, a guy who was playing bounty hunter, the map in question was Legend : "Righteous Stand"´,this is going to be a rant, my apologies in advance.

Disclaimer, there is nothing particularly weird about bounty hunter itself but more on how he played it and what he did&said.

So this guy was playing bounty hunter saltzpyre with BoP and i think it was the 1h axe, he was very fond of charging into melee ahead of his frontliners (myself on handmaiden w shield& Sir Kruber w executioners) while also liking to dodge forward for extra distance.

He kept getting downed a lot almost right from the start or even dying outright.

Me, Sir Kruber and a Sienna we had did not really say anything since things were working out anyway, but as this kept going we eventually reached the building before the area with a lift carrying a cannon you use to blow up a wall.

While inside this area a boss spawns and a Beastman horde starts, 3 of us immediately back up while calling “come here” and go out of the building but we soon realize 1 guy did not seem to receive the message. He stayed in there and starts fighting the boss man on m̶a̶n̶ …spawn.´

That was the Bounty hunter.

He then somehow gets around it and jumps out into the cannon area and dies, not sure what he met out there but he died almost instantly and the three remaining of us get ready for the Spawning heading towards us.

Sir Kruber grabs aggro and pulls it towards the back of the area, Sienna goes to help him and i position myself by the gate and keep the Beastmen from interrupting them, narrow area made my bladedancer dash work wonders.

Like that we get past things pretty smoothly when suddenly the bounty hunter starts saying that apparently the rest of us were bad team players since we did not chase after and help him.

We were kinda baffled or at least i was, i mean we got warned well in time and had lots of time to bail and 3 of us instantly did while he stayed and died, who was it that actually screwed up here?

But we kept playing and he kept insisting on his argument that the rest of us were not playing well as a team and then we reached the building with the second grim.

I grabbed said grim by jumping over to that side with my dash, meanwhile the others went into the open area beyond that while clearing it, however then as i am jumping down from the grim platform a horde spawns and i get caught out alone.

I get inside the building and jump down with a firerat spawning that i kill before starting to slowly make my way to the others, Sienna and kruber realizing my predicament come over to help and a melee begins with us 3 fighting the horde.

What does our Bounty hunter do in the meanwhile? Starts telling me that i am slow and should use my ult to re position while he himself is chillaxing by the ramp you jump down from to progress to the next section, the area before the third tome.

But he does eventually make his way over to help finish clearing the last enemies and then the 4 of us get to the open area before the 3rd tome when another horde spawns while ambient Chaos warriors comes running.

Additionally an assassin and packmaster also spawn.

Me and kruber form a pair and start fighting at the front, Sienna takes position behind us and Saltz…saltz charges up from the side and actually gets up a fair distance ahead of me and Kruber which is not so great since we just setoff a fire barrel there.

Sienna, Battle wizard, pops her jumps and goes to save him and she successfully kills the assassin and clears most stuff around him but dies doing so, a couple of beastmen downed and killed her in no time at all.

Then me and kruber went down to Chaos warriors just after clearing most of the smaller enemies only to actually end up saved by Saltz for once, we then make it to the healing and into the temple&pickup Sienna to proceed.

Then once the actual event starts? Kruber went in first to stand by a wall and i go to join him, Saltzpyre walks off to sit in the back behind the statue and Sienna takes a position to let her fireball the first wave.

Things went bad here, me and kruber had to go help Sienna since about 8 stormvermin spawned but she drops in the following melee and uses the healing she had, then saltz drops almost right away after while still fighting alone on the side refusing to group.

Then he died for real not even 30 seconds later, and tosses a snide remark at Sienna for not having any healing and says that it should be saved for the grim carriers while me and Kruber were still at full health…

He respawns and i start inching towards him with Sienna but as we get halfway i realize Kruber has stayed in our original spot and i freeze up wondering what i should do before i realize Sienna jumped ahead and died to an army of Plague monks.

Said army killed me shortly after while Kruber died to what i think was a packmaster+massive pile of enemies.

Afterwards the Saltzpyre insists that i and Sienna should have rushed him no matter what and i tell him that´s a terrible idea since splitting up in there is suicidal, before he can respond the score board then comes up and i see that…

I see that he has taken 2018 damage, …2018! That´s enough to die like 20 times over on a backline career and he was insisting on the rest of us being in the wrong?!

Then when i make a complain about this high number i get a “who cares” to which i reply that the rest of his team who has to waste healing and carry him while he´s dead certainly did to which he writes “I was busy holding the elf in case you didn´t notice!”

I ask what in the world he meant by that, “holding the elf” and he explained that apparently he was holding enemies away of me, trying to defend me i think that mean.

Bounty hunter who ran off and died alone like 5 times and dropped at least 8 times more? Holding infront of the handmaiden with a shield? Handmaiden who did not even have a grim for most of the map?

What the heck was he trying to hold? Hold off his own survival?Hold off the possibility of there being any spare healing?Hold off our chances of success? He sure did accomplish those well enough.

So yeah i really do not understand at all, guy kept charging off everywhere and often dying or dropping for it and yet for some reason i in particular but also the Kruber were to blame…despite it being him who kept charging away from the rest of us who were always playing together.

Sir Kruber the Sienna and myself were in perfect sync when we heard that first boss spawning, all 3 of us instantly escaped that building and ran out, we instantly had a formation in place with a clear division of labor when kruber pulled the boss away from the gate with Sienna while i kept anything from following.

How is that not a good team? How is our always “grouping up” when enemies came not excellent teamwork? Why are we supposed to follow the Bounty hunter instead of him staying with the team?

Why in all the seven heavens should a backliner be standing infront of a tank trying to protect them? With a weapon that sucks against multiple opponents? ’

Still i cant help but wonder, was it wrong off me to not make sure he listened to the emote calls to group? Should i have charged back in the moment i saw that he did not?

Was it wrong to hesitate at the end there when it came to saving him when the team was split? Should i have rushed things be damned or should i have stayed with Kruber and prayed that us 2 would make it even if Sienna died?

Honestly that run was such a mess and i am confused, my apologies for the long post though but i needed to vent : (


He was probably use to playing the WS god. He jumped on BH and didn’t understand the limitations of the mayflies.


Nah no way, when i play Kruber or saltz i have never seen a WS or Shade silly enough to try and act as a meatshield for the mayflies,they can fight beside them but not act as a meatshield, Queen Kerillian the First has to take care of herself after all :joy:

Maybe that Saltz was just drunk and tried to live out his dream of being a steamtank x)

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We all meet those people at some point while playing the game, but your BH seems to be one of the rarer ones. I think those guys who apologize for being bad and thank you for carrying have a higher population in V2, and even they are rare.
Venting is a very good coping mechanism, so no worries for doing it here, your frustration oozes out of your post, i feel with ya, man.

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Thank you for your understanding x)

To be honest i cant even recall having met anyone quite this odd from my perspective before which is probably why i had such a strong impression of it…oh well a few matches later with nothing going quite so wrong and it feels normal again so it should be fine x)

Mate, I feel your pain.
Sometimes you meet some entitled people, totally oblivious, blaming on you for their fault.

Some days ago I QPed in a Halescourge map with 3 people of the same/clan guild (they had the same acronyme in their nicknames).

I noticed also a bad elf playing, just going down every now and then. I was IB Bardin, A&S and Flamer.

We go down with the elevetor and just before going under the bridge on the left, I climb a scaffold while fighting a horde, to roast’em and not FFing my teammates.
Hearing a patrol, I see it turning around the corner beneath the bridge (the farther passage from the elevator). I pinged it and repositioned behind the building just before the cellar door, in cover.
They stay in the main street and the patrol gets aggroed.
After saving their butts, the entitled Kruber (EK) starts to blame on me about the aggro. Never mind , I answer it wasn’t me and we continue.

At the 2nd grim location again another Patrol (Chaos one, the former was Skaven). I reposition behind the building in front the grim one. The elf bombed the patrol and we wipe.
Guess who got blamed for the aggro?


Oh wow ._.

At least the Kruber and Sienna i had were nice enough, what you got to me seems like a more miserable experience.

3 Premades and they pick on the solo guy and blame him for their own mistakes, like having an entire team with people like that bounty hunter, i would really not wana be there.

Here´s to hoping all 4 of them quit or that we at least do not meet them again^^

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Typical dwari, blaming all your problems on the elf. Tsk tsk

Typical Elf misspelling Dawi :stuck_out_tongue: WS ulting with patrol near are the best elf in the game :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:
Jokes apart , the dwarf is my less played toon. My main toons are usually Saltz and Krubs.


Well, Im now in the group of silly bounties sufferer.
Down in the second descent in skittergate, I jumped and the bounty stay up. Well, I wait for him and a dwarf. In that moment, a patrol is going up and I have to kill a SV and a shield SV, I cleared and run one side for not aggro de patrol. The patrol up the step, my mates are still up… now an horde from down, I try stop it. I have to move, I can’t delete an horde static…
well, everybody died.
In the castle waiting for the new run…
bounty: kick FK (me) that I was running alone, that I aggro de patrol (was him), that I didnt back to help (there was an horde and I cant up again the step) so… I was removed from party.
One thing, I didnt run alone, when I jumped, they was with me and there wasn’t any enemy near, I never rush.

Typical wutelgi denying all the truth


tbh sounds like the BH was chasing green circles. Idk what the big deal is in dominating a scoreboard where you kill rats as a team but some people do live for it.

Next time it happens, just let them die. Maybe by watching how you and the other people play will show him what he’s doing wrong or he’ll rage quit and relieve your stress.

Either way, win-win :heart:


I am taking this gem of an image to use as my secret weapon against tree huggers, if you don’t mind.

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Now an On-Topic Reply to your pretty long text:
Players are different, they have different playstyles, different reaction, different experiences. In all honesty I never played that serious on Legend like you do. I never had players who wanted to get roles assigned.
I just react flexible. If the other three peeps decide to focus the monster while a wave comes I’ll keep the wave busy. Your BH may had a bad day or just doesn’t want to play like that. It just happens in a Multiplayer. If you have a bad player work around him/her.

To be honest i do not have any sense for how serious or not i am when playing relative to others, lets take that first boss encounter as a example for instance.

The reason i instantly ran out of the building when i heard the spawn running in from the cannon area was that fighting a spawn in that tiny cramped area is seriously liable to give him easy grabs since there is little space to dodge, beastman horde ontop that with the possibility of specials spawning is a death sentence.

So rather than being serious i think i just did what i needed to have a shot at making it through at all, this thought being reinforced by the other two in the run reacting in the same way.

Like when i got down to the ground floor the Kruber was already on his way out a step ahead of me with Sienna just behind us : P

As for being flexible i mean yeah, the 3 of us took a short distance from the gate and when the spawn came through kruber decided to shoot it and pulled it away, i saw Sienna follow along so i stayed to hold back the beastmen so in a way i think we were pretty smooth about it?

The only consistent failure of ours was the fact that whatever we did, Saltzpyre did not.

Would it have been better if we played around him to ensure we stayed grouped entirely? Or would we just have outright wiped in that cramped loft bogged down by the spawn and beastmen?

To be honest after thinking about it and reading what others had to say about it i am under the impression that i should just have left the saltz to die and not respond to him when he started complaining.

He was just too incompatible with the rest, this is not to say he was bad, he had at least one good moment that i saw but he just did not mesh with the rest of us too much otherwise.