Strange bullet hit registration (possibly bug)

Issue Description:

Strange bullet hit registration (possibly bug)
This makes most influence on shotguns, but not only.
When the target is srtuggered and animation of falling down starts, next bullets would not registered and count untill it ends.
Because of that fast shooting shotguns often get their shots wasted without actual damage.
And when Veteran can slow his arm and wait till animation ends, Ogryn’s Ripper gun always has 2nd and 3rd shots in burst wasted without effect even in point blank distance in huge target (reaper ogryn for instance). Ofc regular gunners with 700 hp get just light wound and drop on back after triple burst of 400+ damage by Ripper gun.
You can check this in Psychanium

This affects on plasma. With rapid fire you can get effect, when first shot hits and do full damage, second shot, which went in animated falling enemy, gives 1/2, 1/3 damage.
That’s too wierd.

This affects somehow grenade launchers. Direct hit from grenade gauntlet in standing still enemy gives full damage, in animated - zero.

This affects on Power hammer. Charged hit in bulwark’s back oneshots him if he standing still. And does around 900 damage if he is animated somehow with stagger.

Because of this also, as i think, some autoguns lose their bullets in emptiness when hitting and staggering mobs.

I think it is bug. And this bug gimpes some weapons. And even whole classes like ogryn, since all his weapon are shotguns, auto shotguns or has heavy stagger.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play psychanium on live servers (because some people say this may happen because of lags)
  2. Pick any of mentioned weapons
  3. Shoot many times same targets, look for specific situations when you hit unit while stun animations
  4. See difference between damage between done into idle stance and into stunned animation or downed on ground.

pc, steam, live servers

Player ID:
steam account:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
Currently. This happened even on beta

Reproduction Rate:
Always. But people say this happen more when servers are more loaded

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I was just about to post a bug report about this. It happen with a lot of gun, and mostly ingame and not in psykanium.

I didn’t had this issue during the beta, but it’s awful since launch. Anykind of semi auto/lasgun is almost unusable.

Played to lvl 30 veteran and no problem in beta. Recreated a character for launch, can’t get myself to play cause of this issue.

The worst of all, the “ghost bullet” that you shoot and do no damage actually use your ammo.

Looks like we have different experience, because I described what i have, but never what you say about, like lasguns hit and do no damage. In my experience lasguns are most trustworthy weapon becase they have no stagger mostly.

I suggest you better make another topic with your own description

Thank you for your report! It’s curious that you’re getting this issue even in the Psykhanium. Is there any chance you could record a clip showcasing this?

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Ah, understood.
Effect i described at part happens because of hitting arms and legs.
Stunned, covering and knocked out enemy most probably move limbs in front of body, so even most heavy, explosive and piercing through weapon (bolter, plasma, grenade gauntlet) would do less damage, while hitting in arm. Even if arm is in front of body, not aside.

Actually, may happen funny situation. When 2 unarmored zombies in line, first hit in arm in front of body, second in body, then first would survive and second die. While both got same hit with, for instance, agripinaa braced autogun

About hammer, same. Some time ago the game in psychanium not clearly showed type of armor was hit, so stunned ogryn most likely was hit in other type armored body part, and because of that got dramatically less damage