Shots randomly missing, is that intended?

Hey everyone,

i currently play the Plasma gun and noticed that left click shots sometimes miss randomly. Sometimes there is a little dodge animation of some enemies and i get that because they actively move/dodge the shot. But sometimes the Shot just goes nowhere while being dead on. Another problem, especially but not exclusive for Dreg Stalkers is that i do hit them, stagger them, see the plasma burn on their model but i need like 3-5 shots killing them.

Is that intended ? Couldnt find anything about it and i simply cant recreate that in the Meatgrinder.


Yeah, sometimes the servers have trouble keeping up and it can lead to things including but not limited to:

  • Ghost hits (you hit them on your screen, there’s blood and maybe a flinch by the enemy but they don’t take damage or get staggered)
  • Enemies or players teleporting and rubber banding
  • Enemies running on the spot for a moment.
  • Inputs not registering. (especially noticeable on anything requiring holding a button down)
  • Inputs getting stuck (eg. A light attack lags into a heavy attack)
  • Delay in input
  • Needing to lead an enemy with an allegedly hitscan weapon.
  • Animations become choppy as if fps is tanking but you’re still on your normal fps.

with a lasgun this happens like 20 times a game, might be server lag im not sure

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I don´t play plasma gun, but i don´t have issues like ghost-bullets or overall hitreg issues on SMG, revolver, laserweapons and pretty much any Ogryn-gun.

Stuff like holding a button sometimes vanishes especially while rezzing players, but you still do the action.

Rubberbanding was never a thing to me and i rarely encounter input-issues or adds spawning into my face.

So i guess my connection is pretty stable in EU. Might help FS to fix stuff if they know in which region you guys playing.

As the others have said, it’s probably a hit register issue, which I’m fairly certain is on their end of the pipeline to deal with. While I don’t have most of the issues zaygr posted, the hit register consistently is pretty bad for me, both for ranged and melee. It’s the most noticeable with slow firing/hitting weapons, like the revolver, plasma gun, Eviscerator, etc etc, where each individual hit matters more, but it definitely occurs across every weapon.

I’m in Oceanic and it comes and goes.

I’m in NA and revolver is one of the worst offenders for phantom shots

My connection is also very stable and I have all settings below their minimum

The server issues have gotten so bad for me that opening my inventory takes 10 to 15 seconds to actually populate my items every single time