Plasma Gun Shots Create Lag and Disappear

Issue Type (Required):

Player Mechanics

Issue Description (Required):

Shooting with the plasma gun creates a sort of “lag” and the shot is not heard, or visible, but recoil occasionally is. There is also a sort of lag spike and delay when this happens. this happens once every few shots. Happened ever since the new update. Have not tried other guns. No, it is not my fps, it hasn’t dropped below 90 in-game. is it my ping? I can’t be 100% sure but unlikely, it ONLY happens during shooting, and never any other time. Let me know if you have more questions, I can try and record it too and link it somehow.

Steps to Reproduce (Required):

  1. play as vet guardsmen
  2. use a plasma gun
  3. play normally, shooting will not work properly (and sometimes skip shots) on occasion, and causes in-game lag spikes making it difficult to play

[PC] Do You Use Mods? (Optional):

No, I don’t use mods

Reproduction Rate (Required):

Often (<75%)

Platform (Required):

Steam (PC)

Player ID (Optional):

androlito (steam)


I haven’t noticed any associated lag but it definitely misfires a lot. When that happens the gun will recoil like normal but make no sound and the beam will be invisible but still hit and kill targets, assuming you didn’t miss.


I noticed the same, however there is no lag, just a very clunky feeling fire motion, without any projectile actually being fired.


I’m seeing this as well in teh first match with it, doesn’t make sound, laggs and doesn’t create projectile.

Edit: okay the lagg only happend in the first minute of the match, didn’t happen anymore after that.

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yeah EXACT same thing, but I get almost a little input lag when it happens. thats the only difference. glad it’s not just me! :slight_smile:

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I also get bad lag in the first few minutes. think its just stuff loading or something. not sure, game isn’t optimized great but I’m sure they’ll work on that.

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does the green “acknowledged” mean the devs know about it? Im new to the forums

I hope they put out a hotfix for this before the studio goes into winter holidays :crossed_fingers:


I get it too.


Can confirm. It is driving me insane.

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