Some issues with Psyker Staves and Ogryn guns in general

I’ve noticed that with Ogryn guns other than the single shot ones, sometimes I press the mouse button, get one shot, then nothing. I can release and press again and it fires normally, like in a three shot burst or auto fire, but every once on a while, I just get one shot, as if the gun is jamming. Is this an actual feature of the guns, possibly suggesting they’re kinda beat up, or is it something to do with the game? My mouse doesn’t seem to have any issues in testing that would cause this.

The other thing I’ve been noticing is the reticle for the Psyker staves seems to be off. Depending on how far an enemy is from me, I have to aim a bit down and to the right to hit when they are close. If they are sufficiently far off, the center dot is dead on, but the closer the enemy is, the more offset they are from center. This makes it surprisingly annoying to hit someone running up on me, as I have to keep this offset in mind when trying to hit them. Again, I don’t think it’s my settings or anything to do with my mouse, though I could be wrong in this case on settings.

If anyone has had similar issues, or has ideas on how to correct this problem, please reply here. Thanks.

Sometime it happens to me with ripper gun but a burst shot in a 1 shot animation