Really bad hit registration

Issue Description:
Hits with a melee or ranged weapon don’t register properly. This problem is not exclusive to any weapon or class. It happens roughly in 4 out of 5 missions, usually few times per mission. This may be me firing a whole burst from a Ripper Gun into a poxhound, hitting a pox walker with the zealots hammer or just throwing an ogryn grenade into an incoming mutant. Every time there is blood coming from the enemy model but no stagger or damage is applied and in case of ranged weapons the ammunition is just wasted.
This issue is extremely infuriating when it comes to pox hounds. This makes them sometimes impossible to hit, stagger or push. It’s a lottery what will work on them each time.

Steps to Reproduce:
Just happens while fighting. There are no clear steps to follow here. It just happens.
Roughly in 4 out of 5 missions and few times per mission.
Three people I play with have the same problem and for them it happens with about the same frequency.

Mission Name (If Applicable):


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
As described previously, more or less in every mission.
This issue for me was non-existent before the crossplay patch.

Reproduction Rate:
Often (<75%)

Upload Console Log & darktide_launcher.log:
console-2023-09-17-16.43.59-533c4a1a-0e17-4f4b-b720-d859135d4837.log (338.8 KB)


It is a very old issue. Here is the link:

But I can attest the same, I am experiencing ghost hits in every game. Both melee and ranged weapons. The issue is very glaring when you are using slow weapons like Thunder Hammers (you get discharge but no damage) or Boltguns (you see explosion, splatter, everything, enemy stands unfazed).

I do not know exact reason, but hitreg in Vermintide 2 was way, way better. Ghost hits were only an issue on lobbies with abnormal ping.

most noticeable when using the revolver, hit the enemy weakspot with blood splash over the wall nearby. the enemy even got the staggered animation but magically it walk away fine lol.

The problem is the servers aren’t being restarted as often as they should. I’m having the same issues and yes, the slower the fire rate or the slower swing speed on weapons the more obvious it gets. The server skips a beat or something, I’m no server expert but it has to do with the server not agreeing that you’ve done a certain action in a certain moment client side. My favourite ranged weapon is MG12 and you can feel it when shooting virtually every mission. If you use rapid fire rate weapons it’s much less obvious because every hit is not responsible for as much stagger and damage vs something that hits slower but harder. I’m guessing that somebody that uses autopistol all the time would be less bothered by this. But when it comes to melee, there isn’t anything fast enough that you don’t notice when a hitreg problem happened. Even on knives I can notice it, let alone on a charged force sword attack (plus the ghost hits that force swords have on mutants or dogs occasionally because they have a delayed damage registration by design and the target gets out of range even though you’re still stuck in the animation). Though fairly rarely do I lose a chunk of health or wipe because of it, it’s very very annoying, especially if you’re confident in your aiming skills and know how many shots a target should take to die and you retarget only to have to retarget again on the same enemy that should have died.

Tl:dr Imo servers should be restarted more often.

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